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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?


We are 100% Confidential. All information given by you on our online application to is strictly and completely confidential. The information you have given will never be shared with collection agents nor will it be sold to anybody!

Auto Financing in Ontario or Canada can be a hassle. We have reinvented the process and streamlined the things need for each step of the way.

Our Credit experts are based in Mississauga Ontario are more then happy to help with any question you have and help gett you the best auto financing available regardless of you credit.

Give us a call and we will get you behind the wheel of a car as soon as possible with minimum hassle.

We Treat You With Respect!:

At some point we all have experienced some kind of problem with funds. It all happens so quickly and our FICO scores suffer. It often seems like there is no way to recourse yourself and get quality auto financing.

Addison GM Credit has developed special relationships with financial institutions all across Ontario. We have built a great relationships with all of the legitimate high risk lenders. If approached properly lenders will lend money to high risk customers. We can get you the financing need to turn your situation around and get you in the car that fits you.

Give us a call today and we will be more then happy to give you a hand and explain any questions or concerns.

If you have are dealing with bad credit, student loans, bad credit cards , or even bankruptcy give us a call or fill in our online applications and we will get you the best loan for you. We have hundreds of cars waiting for you to take home!

Can I Call Just Any Auto Financing Company?

Auto financing companies can be tricky to deal with but finding a bad credit car loan in you local area can be an entirely new hurdle. Cross country call for a auto loan isn’t always the best option but, Addison Credit Financial has a vast network of lenders all across Ontario. You can be assured that when calling Addison, we can get you the best rate and the best financial package that can work with you ensuring that you get the best deal no matter what your credit situation is


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