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pitfalls when buying a home

Pitfalls when buying real estate (houses, apartments) – free-credit-report-check.com

Where does home comfort and comfort begin?

Many will say that with a good repair, high-quality interior design. Yes, these are very important basic elements on which all our other actions to create comfortable and pleasant living conditions are based. However, it is better to start talking about home economics not with the interior design, interior or exterior decoration, or renovation of your home.

Pitfalls when buying a home

Despite the fact that the future comfort of housing is laid down at the stage of construction and finishing, we will consider these issues next time. Today we will talk about the security of acquiring housing from a legal point of view. Let’s talk about buying an apartment (room), a country house (cottage) or other residential premises, for example, a country house.

Buying a home is an important event in our lives.

Recent studies by psychologists have shown that people who buy or sell an apartment (house) are under stress. And this is understandable, since the event is quite responsible. In addition, a person has to solve several tasks at the same time …

1. It all starts with finding the right apartment or house. At this stage, a person has to look through a bunch of ads and other information before a suitable option is found. Many, in order to facilitate the search for housing, conclude contracts with real estate offices. Often this is a very justified decision, since a professional can always solve the problem faster and better, but of course, not for free. Here it is important to find a compromise between the cost of the services of a realtor and his professionalism. It is very important not to fall for a scammer, of which there are a great many. To do this, you can take into account the recommendations of your friends, read reviews on independent rating sites, etc.

2. The next step includes registration and support of the transaction for the purchase and sale of real estate. Here we have to interact with various state bodies and institutions. These are, as a rule, the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr), and the Tax Inspectorate (IFTS).

Sometimes at this stage there are so-called “bureaucratic delays”. If you first get acquainted on the websites of these government agencies with the rules for registering real estate transactions, tax reporting, then it will be easier to “put in place” negligent officials. If you do not have the desire to personally deal with all this, then it is better to seek help from a qualified lawyer or realtor.

3. Another important point is ensuring the security of the transaction for the acquisition of real estate: apartments, houses, etc. Security in the acquisition of housing implies both checking the history of the apartment and the proper execution of the transaction for the purchase and sale of an apartment (house).


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