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March 1 – Day of cats and cats according to Russian tradition – free-credit-report-check.com

Cat Day in Russia is celebrated on the first day of the first spring month. Cats in Russia are one of the symbols of spring, and March is considered the “cat” month. In some countries this holiday is celebrated on other days.

Cat Day according to Russian tradition is celebrated on March 1
March 1 in the Russian Federation – Cat and Cat Day

International Cat Day is August 8

It was initiated in 2002 by the Animal Welfare International Foundation. Cat Day is a holiday celebrated all over the world. On Cat Day, people honor the merits of these animals, show them their reverence and love.

How to care for felines – more…

Spring has come again, or how to calm the March cat

Cat sedatives have side effects. Neutering a cat and castrating a cat is the best option for a responsible and caring owner. Read more about the basic instinct of domestic cats…

Helminths in a cat: why and how to deworm a cat?

At least once a year, cats should be given an anthelmintic to prevent helminthiasis or to treat helminth infestations. Usually cats and cats are anthelmintic as follows …

What to give antihelminthic drugs to cats and cats?

Is it necessary to give antihelminthic drugs? Why should a cat or dog be dewormed before vaccinations? How to choose an anthelmintic for a cat or dog?

Vaccination of cats: when and what to vaccinate cats and cats?

Cat care begins with their sanitation. To vaccinate a cat against diseases in time is to maintain the health of a pet for many years. What vaccinations to put a cat (cat)?

What to feed a cat: tips for cat owners on choosing food

What should not be given to cats? What and how to feed a cat? How to choose quality cat food?

Shedding of cats and the appearance of tangles in animal fur

To prevent the appearance of tangles in cats’ fur, you need to comb them regularly.
Shedding of an animal is one of the reasons for the appearance of tangles in the coat. What to do when cats and cats shed?

Combing cat fur to prevent tangles

Many pets are afraid of combing their hair. A pet can be taught to comb. How to comb out the hair of cats and cats?

Grooming pets as a way to care for hair and skin

Cat grooming is a good way to take care of your pet’s coat. A haircut will save the cat from swallowing wool during washing, the formation of tangles, molting. However, sometimes cats should not be sheared …

Grooming cats and cats: some useful tips for owners

The frequency of haircuts for cats depends on the length and thickness of the coat. It is good to trim the cat before the start of the seasonal molt. You can not cut the hair on the head of the cat and the tip of the tail.

How to bathe a cat: tips for owners of not only cats

It is not necessary to bathe cats often, only with very dirty wool. Before bathing, trim the claws, protect the ears, and then wipe the cat’s hair with a soft towel. Bathing correctly to bathe cats and cats?

Pets and the nature of their owners

The choice of the type and breed of a pet can tell about the nature of a person. Depending on what kind of pet a person is happy to keep at home, one can judge his character.)


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