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How to profitably sell on Avito with free accommodation? Instructions and life hacks


Avito is the main Mecca for everyone who once decided to “clutter up” their housing and at the same time earn some extra money. After all, this is a free, very convenient, and most importantly, intuitive platform for selling everything in the world: an unsuitable sweater, an old refrigerator, or wallpaper glue left after repair. But since in any, even the simplest business, a certain skill is needed for success, we have made a guide for you with life hackswhich will help you profitably sell your things on Avito.


1. Choose a simple and common name


Usually people go to Avito to find something specific, the name of your product card should be as simple and generic as possible. Then the likelihood that many more people will see you increases. To do this, try entering various configurations of words in the Avito search and study the offers of competitors.


Also, Word Stat can help you. For example, if you choose between the synonyms “jacket” and “sweater”, then it is better to stop at the latter. After all, according to Word Stat, people in search engines MORE MUCH search for the word “sweater” (1.1 million impressions per month) than “jacket” (0.9 million impressions per month)


2. Start the name with the name of the item you are selling.


For example, if you sell perfumes, then be sure to add the word “perfume” to the name of the fragrance, then your ad will be higher in the search.


3. Correctly define the product category


As practice shows, the correct choice of category is really important in two cases. The first is if it is not clear from the name of your product which item you are selling. The second is when the goods from all other sellers are the same, plus or minus the same, and when choosing, the buyer is more likely to start from the price, and the search is carried out throughout the category as a whole. For example, this applies to wicker baskets, storage boxes, etc.


4. Add lots of photos


It is no coincidence that the site allows you to post up to 10 photos, and even more in the “transport” category. The better people can see the product from different angles, the higher the likelihood of a good deal.


5. Choose the right “condition” of the goods


And here is the first trick: if you have a new / almost new item, or even after use, but it is in perfect condition, choose the category “new with tags” or “excellent”. In all other cases, select the “good” state. At the same time, try not to choose “satisfactory”, because subconsciously people will scroll through this ad, even if the state of the thing is no worse than others.


6. Describe the item honestly


Try to make the characteristics and description of the goods honest and complete. If the bag has defects – write about it. The buyer will still find out about scratches or frayed handles when he picks up the goods, but the level of trust will be undermined or the transaction will not take place at all.


7. Choose “selling mine”


If you are an individual, always choose this option, otherwise you will have to pay a commission.


8. Get the price right


Before setting a price, look at how many of the same product are in the store. If there is no specific one, find approximately a passer-by on it. Also, be sure to do a little analytics of already posted ads, and then compare prices. If, for example, the maximum price for an Avito printer does not exceed 4,500, it makes no sense to put 10,000 when a new one in a store costs the same.


9. Set a Bargaining Opportunity


Avito is a virtual bazaar where everyone is trying to profitably buy the right thing, so keep this in mind when setting the final price. Dropping a couple hundred will get you a satisfied customer and positive feedback.


10. Choose all possible delivery methods


In the delivery methods, if possible, indicate all available methods. Another advantage that, all other things being equal, can play into your hands.


11. Be polite and customer focused


Get ready to write and call you will be a lot. They may ask a lot of questions and end up not buying anything. But all this is an inevitable process. And the friendlier and more responsive you are, the higher the chances that the product will eventually be bought from you and even a positive review will be written.


12. Ask for feedback


If you follow all of the above recommendations, then the likelihood of receiving positive feedback will be greater. Remember, under the same conditions, they will rather choose the seller who has more positive reviews.


13. And now the main life hack: how to bypass site restrictions?


There are restrictions on the number of ads in one category on Avito for individuals. So, if you need to sell, for example, 10 baskets, publish them immediately in one card, and in the description separately write down the prices for each product option.


At the same time, set the price of the ad itself to the average of all available options, since too low or too high can scare away a potential buyer.


Recently there was an option to indicate how many items you have. So, try not to use this feature, as the site moderator may mistakenly consider your ad to be commercial and close it until you pay a commission for placement.


If you need to arrange air delivery of several identical products to different addresses, but there is no place left in the category, try reformulating the name. For example, not “beauty bag for the train” (category “beauty bags”), but “box for storing facial products” (category “boxes”).

And be careful using similar / identical photos in different cards, especially if one of them is already closed or the item is sold. The moderator may mistakenly consider this ad as a duplicate and close it.

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