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How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the house?

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home and enjoy cleaning – free-credit-report-check.com

I propose today to talk about vacuum cleaners, about these home pets assistants 🙂, without which it is difficult to imagine the high-quality cleaning of our home.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the house?

So, let’s look at the main parameters of vacuum cleaners, that is, those characteristics of power consumption, filtration quality, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and storage, as well as other characteristics of modern vacuum cleaners, which you should first of all pay attention to when choosing this home assistant for yourself …

Dust suction power and other characteristics of vacuum cleaners

The power of a vacuum cleaner is an important characteristic of the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner. But you need to distinguish between the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner and the dust suction power. Typically, the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner ranges from 1500 to 2000 W, which allows you to evaluate the vacuum cleaner in terms of energy consumption. For vacuum cleaners, cleaning efficiency is not directly related to power consumption. Vacuum cleaners with the same power consumption may have different suction power – that is, the ability of the vacuum cleaner to provide effective dust suction for an extended period. The cleaning performance depends on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The suction power indicator decreases in parallel with the contamination of the filter, filling the dust container.

It is necessary to distinguish between the average effective suction power (SEMW) and the maximum suction power (MMW). The first is the ability of the vacuum cleaner to suck up dust for a long time with a certain power. It is determined after the first 5 minutes of operation of the vacuum cleaner. As for MMV, this is the power with which the vacuum cleaner sucks dust for the first few minutes. This is the maximum suction power. As a rule, the MMW is 10-30% larger than the SMW. The latter decreases as the dust container is filled. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the EMS is important, since you will have to vacuum for more than five minutes. If possible, it is better to purchase a vacuum cleaner with high power, and adjust it yourself when cleaning. Also, when buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to find out the ratio of suction power and power consumption. This will allow you to choose a powerful, but at the same time economical model.

Dust collectors and filters for vacuum cleaners

1st level of filtration – collection of dust in a special container: dust collector, water container, plastic container ..
There are replaceable paper and reusable textile dust collectors. Paper ones are more effective in retaining the smallest particles, since, as a rule, they consist of several layers. They are not so expensive, but they last for an average of one month (depending, of course, on the intensity of cleaning, the degree of contamination of the surface to be cleaned, the size of the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room).

Cleaning the textile dust bin is fraught with dust flying, which is harmful to health. Therefore, it is better not to save on health. Well-known manufacturers advise using disposable bags as they have better filtration. This is better for your lungs and the vacuum cleaner motor. Although it is better to have a reusable bag as a fallback option.

The motor filter (MF) is located in front of the motor to protect it from fine dust. MF can also be replaceable or permanent. The replacement one needs to be changed after using 5 dust bags. Permanent cleaned according to instructions.

Level 3 – fine filters that trap the smallest particles, allergens, microorganisms.

There are HEPA filters, electrostatic microfilters (ESMF), S-class filters. Filters differ in efficiency of detention of the smallest particles, and also term of operation. ESMF are changed through five disposable dust collectors. S-class filters can be used for several years. HEPA filters – high efficiency air purification (High Efficiency Particulate Air). They have been in operation for several years. There are replaceable and reusable (washed with water). HEPA filters are made from a special porous material based on glass fiber, which provides a branching network of tiny pores.

On modern vacuum cleaners, fine filters are installed immediately. But there are vacuum cleaners without the possibility of installing such filters. Be careful when choosing.

Returning to dust bags, it should be noted that recently many manufacturers have begun to produce universal dust bags that fit any model of vacuum cleanerg. There are various modifications of bags: bactericidal, anti-allergic, anti-odor (with a carbon filter), with flavors, etc.

How to distinguish branded dust collectors from counterfeit or damaged ones?

Packaging must be of high quality, printing is clear. If the box is branded, but wrinkled during transportation, you need to make sure that the bags themselves are not damaged. Deformation of the cardboard mount also indicates a fake or damage to the dust collector.

Vacuum cleaners with cyclone system and aqua filter

Collecting dust in plastic tanks is used in vacuum cleaners with a cyclone system. This is a system that allows you to separate solid particles from gas. The air inside the tank swirls around the filter like a tornado. The cyclone presses solid particles against the walls, preventing them from reaching the center. Purified air passes freely through the middle. With such cleaning, the air power is slightly weakened due to the twisting of the air flow inside the system. But at the same time, the air passes much faster than through filters clogged with dust. The main advantage of cyclone vacuum cleaners is constant suction power. These vacuum cleaners do not require the purchase of dust collectors. But it requires manual cleaning of the garbage container. In addition, such a vacuum cleaner has a rather complex design, consumes more energy, which goes both to suction and to create a vortex flow. Another disadvantage is the noise from the resonating container.

Vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter. There is a water tank inside the vacuum cleaner. The air passes through the aqua filter, the debris remains in the water, and the purified air exits. The work of the vacuum cleaner is the more efficient, the better water, air and dust are mixed in it, and the more intense the water weighs down the dust particles, precipitating them. Pros: 1) No need to spend money on dust collectors. 2) Spilled liquids can be collected from the floor. 3) The air during the operation of such a vacuum cleaner is humidified, and contributes to the deposition of dust in the room. 4) High degree of filtration (99.97%). BUT: dust can fly out along with small air bubbles, so subsequent filters are of great importance in such vacuum cleaners. After cleaning, dirty water is poured out, the container is washed and dried. These vacuum cleaners are more expensive and also bulkier.

Suction pipe and vacuum cleaner hose

Vacuum cleaner suction pipes are divided into different types depending on the material of manufacture and design. Depending on the material of manufacture, there are metal and plastic pipes. Metal is more reliable. The pipe can be combined or telescopic. There are curved pipes for cleaning hard-to-reach places. It is good when there are latches on the telescopic tube for connection with the handle and nozzles.

The hose must be elastic, bending must not damage the hose.

Nozzles and brushes for vacuum cleaner

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to what nozzles are included.

Standard includes a floor and carpet nozzle with a switch that removes bristles. The brush can be equipped with wheels to make it easier to move the brush. The crevice nozzle is used for cleaning dust in corners, etc. Nozzle-brush for upholstered furniture. Brush attachment – a small brush with thick high bristles is needed for cleaning polished furniture. Turbo brushes are loved by pet owners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets. An electric brush is a modification of a turbo brush with the same purpose. There are nozzles for washing windows and vertical surfaces. There are combination nozzles.

The body and appearance of the vacuum cleaner

The surface of the vacuum cleaner must be free of coarse burrs and sharp edges. Models with an elastic rubber bumper around the entire perimeter of the vacuum cleaner will not allow damage to furniture.

On many vacuum cleaners, nozzles can be stored in special compartments, as well as mounted on a handle or on a pipe.

The vacuum cleaner should be easy to move, stable, maneuverable. Therefore, pay attention to the type of wheels on the vacuum cleaner. Wheels can be on the sides of the vacuum cleaner, can be attached to the bottom, which will allow them to rotate freely. Rubberized rollers will protect linoleum or parquet from scratches.

The length of the cord and the range of the vacuum cleaner are important for the comfort of cleaning. A long cord (from seven meters) allows you to clean a significant part of the room without switching between outlets. Almost all dry vacuum cleaners have an automatic cord winder, but the winding mechanisms may vary. The smooth winding option is preferred. There is also automatic winding. Some models have an auto-reverse function: the wire automatically unwinds and rewinds depending on the distance to the outlet.

When buying, it is also important to pay attention to the presence of a shoulder strap for the convenience of cleaning high surfaces.

Control and indication on the vacuum cleaner

Modern vacuum cleaners allow you to adjust the suction power. Management can be on the body or handle. If the button is on the case, it should be large so that you can turn the vacuum cleaner on and off with your foot 🙂 Power control can be mechanical (a conventional power mode switch) or electronic (when you press the key, the power increases smoothly).

It’s good when there are indicators on the vacuum cleaner that signal certain actions. For example, dust bag full indicator, fine filter clogging indicator, overheating indication, selected power indication.

Security systems on modern vacuum cleaners complement the indication. These are overheating shutdown (temperature protection), blocking the inclusion without a dust container (false start blocking without a dust container), soft start of the engine (preventing overloads), an antistatic rod in the vacuum cleaner handle (reduces the possibility of static electricity), automatic shutdown of the electric motor when the dust container is full .

There may also be additional functions: blowing mode, vibration cleaning (without disassembling the vacuum cleaner), air aromatization function, bactericidal lamp, etc.

Noise level of the vacuum cleaner – a very important parameter, since cleaning should be comfortable, and not resemble a construction site with a working jackhammer. For vacuum cleaners, the noise level is 71-80 dB. (for comparison: a human whisper is 40 dB).

Vacuum cleaner price range: the cost of a vacuum cleaner depends on its type, functionality and configuration.

And one more useful advice on choosing vacuum cleaners and other household appliances (as fair advertising).

Where is the best place to buy a vacuum cleaner – high-quality and at a bargain price?

Many of us have long been purchasing equipment in online stores. We will not discuss all the advantages of such purchases, since the reader himself is well aware of this. We will give only a few tips on choosing an online store where you can safely purchase household appliances without fear of stumbling upon counterfeit goods or poor service.

So, it should be a large online store that has been on the market for a long time, and also has its own logistics network and points of sale – its own branded stores.

We recommend that you purchase household appliances in time-tested household appliances stores.

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