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About Annual Credit Report

About Annual Credit Report – Government (FTC) Website

AnnualCreditReport.com is a site that was constructed in response to legislation enacted by the US Governmnet Federal Congress requiring each of the three major nationwide credit reporting agencies to provide one free credit report per consumer per year. This is the Free Credit Report as required by the US Government. This does not include a free credit score. You must pay extra for a score.

At the site you must elect your state and hit go. Next you fill out some sensitive information about your self. Then you type in a security code that they provide in a shaded box. I found this to be problematic on at least one occasion. The zero (0) and the letter o are virtually indistinguishable and I kept getting it wrong. It was only after I came back later and got a code with neither a zero nor an o in it that I got past the security measure. Once you pass this test you can choose from the three bureaus. At this point the person is transferred to the bureau’s site and more questions are asked.

Comparison of AnnualCreditReport.com And TrueCredit

FreeCreditAgencyReport.com, an affiliate of, TrueCredit will now compare TrueCredit to AnnualCreditReport.com.

Free Credit Reports

The one aspect that TrueCredit(TC) and AnnualCreditReport.com (ACR) have in common is that they both offer a free TransUnion credit report. It is noteworthy that TC offers unlimited credit reports & scores for a 30-day trial for free. ACR offers one free credit report per year from the other two credit bureaus/agencies Experian and Equifax which TC does not. However, once a person uses up his/her free credit report from ACR that person can buy a Merged Triple Bureau/Agency credit report with a free credit score from TrueCredit. ACR does not offer any free credit scores.

Additional Benefits and Services

A free credit report from both ACR and TrueCredit with free credit score is where the comparison ends. Beyond that ACR offers nothing more. But TrueCredit with free credit scores is a different story. Here are the additional benefits provided.

Benefits During the 30-day Free Trial

Credit Monitoring After the 30-Day Free Trial

Credit Monitoring is the ultimate credit management tool: Here are the benefits you will receive if you continue on with the service after the free trial.

  • Continue to receive email alerts to changes in your report within 24 hours
  • Receive a brand new credit report any time you want with analytical tools
  • Receive an updated credit score any time you want with tips to boost it
  • Continue to have up to $25,000 ID theft insurance at no additional cost.
  • Continue to view colorful charts and graphs on changes in your debt, income, credit score, and more
  • Continue to have Toll-free, easy access to credit specialists. Cancel anytime if not completely satisfied

Get Instant Unlimited FREE TransUnion Credit Reports & Scores, 24 hr. alerts of changes & 25,000 ID Theft Insurance with 30-day Trial!

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