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Keeping your credit healthy and clean is easy with regular check
Keeping your credit healthy and clean is easy with regular check


Every pre-owned car buyer should have choices and access to a large selection of inventory. For this very reason, we’ve added an online-inventory system to our website, allowing you 24-hour access to view available inventory. You can search through our inventory in a matter of seconds. There’s no need to waste your time visiting any lot, over and over again, looking for the right used car or truck when you can search from your home or office several times a week – we add new vehicles to our website several times a week.

You can get a jump on owning the exact make and model you’ve been looking for – just by checking our online inventory. On our dealership website you can see everything from pictures, to the number of kilometers, transmission type, exterior and interior colors, features, price and any warranties and certifications.

Dedication to Our Customers

We are dedicated to getting you the most car for the money and the most car for your budget. It really is that simple.

Application Form

Our online auto loan application is handled on a secure, encrypted server to protect your private information. Your email address is not sold to any third party and we ask for only the barest minimum information needed to process your online application. You can see for yourself on our online auto loan customer testimonial page.

Many, many customers are driving a new vehicle within 24 hours of applying. What do you plan to be driving 24 hours from now?

Our Services

We have more than Alberta’s best selection of New & Used vehicles. At AutoCreditCanada.Net, we provide:

  • Financing & In-House Finance
  • Delivery & Pick-Up
  • Warranties & Insurance
  • Specials & Discounts

Thank You

Each year we strive to improve our service and inventory, and we’ve found there’s no better way to do this than by getting to know our customers. To all of our customers, past and present, “Thank you!” for welcoming AutoCreditCanada.Net and making us an important part of your lives.

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When you use any page on this site except the home page, you accept the following policies on site use:

By looking at or using the website, you agree that you have read and understand these policies and that you will follow all laws and regulations that apply to using this site of both the United States and the country from where you are accessing this website. You also promise that the information you provide is accurate and complete. You authorize us (Central Source LLC) to send your information to whichever nationwide credit reporting companies you want a credit report from. We may change or update these policies at any time. Please check this page each time you visit this website for the most current policies.

Establishing a good credit history has never been as important as it is today. Check your credit report, You will first want to see what, if anything, lenders are saying about you.

Its not just that you will need good credit to get decent rates when you are ready to buy a home or a car. Your credit history can determine whether you get a good job, a decent apartment, a deal on your cell phone and reasonable rates on insurance. One seemingly minor misstep a late payment, maxing out your credit cards can haunt you for years.

Credit reports are used to create your credit scores, the three-digit numbers that lenders typically use to gauge your creditworthiness. Lenders also may look at the reports themselves, as may the landlords, employers, insurers and utility companies who use credit to evaluate applicants.

About Us

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