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Ask the Dealer: Should you use a credit union when buying and financing a car? #abetterplacetobuy

Ask the Dealer: Should you use a credit union when buying and financing a car? #abetterplacetobuy

Cory Vaughn discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a credit union when financing a vehicle. It can be a great way to secure financing on a new or pre owned vehicle, let us know if you have any other questions! www.mikepattonauto.com
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Help Your Credit Union Members Organize Debt

Financial obligation is crippling for the credit union members. The stress and worry causes it to be seem like there’s no light which shines at the end of the tunnel. Consolidation loans are a great solution to help people arrange debt. A consolidation loan can have many positive effects for people.

Help people Organize financial obligation with Consolidation Loans
A consolidation loan combines a number of unsecured loans into an individual loan. This brand-new consolidated loan is usually used for the objective of lowering monthly payments with a more positive rate. Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc. can help you offer consolidation loans by giving a superb consumer types package. It’s one of the easiest ways to offer your users a consolidation loan. The huge benefits to users tend to be great.

here are some regarding the advantages of a consolidation loan, and just how it will also help members arrange financial obligation:

Help Your Members boost their Budgeting.
With a consolidation loan, people can combine a few debts into one convenient payment. This considerably simplifies their particular cost management procedure.

Stress decrease.
Nothing stresses out a person like debt. Its a consistent worry. A consolidation loan can ease the stress by eliminating the requirement to cope with a few debtors at the same time. One repayment, one entity to deal with. Which is a option to relieve stress.

Better Interest Rate.
This is outstanding selling point for your needs. Credit unions usually offer lower interest rates than banking institutions on bank cards along with other unsecured loans. This will be music to a part’s ears. Who doesn’t want a lower life expectancy interest rate?

Credit Score enhancement.
Again, that is another important point to make whenever explaining consolidation financial loans to users. Credit scores improve whenever several debts are reduced at the same time. This may assist your member out in the long term for future financial loans with reduced interest levels.

Lower Payments.
This goes hand in hand by what we talked about in things one as well as 2. Reduced repayments are not only appealing; they assistance with budgeting and anxiety, too. Exactly what a good feeling to be in control over finances! Remind all of them that these repayments tend to be lower because they usually offer more extended payment terms than other types of unsecured loans.

Finally, be sure you make use of your two-step checklist whenever coping with an associate or possible participant. Very first, he/she must certanly be a member being obtain the loan. Second, a credit score check must eventually determine the total amount he or she qualifies for. These details can also be used to recognize which forms of financial obligation will need to be consolidated underneath the new loan.

you can expect an excellent suite of credit union forms bundles that will help you each step of way. Our forms are certified, and integrate seamlessly together with your current data processor. This allows you to definitely focus on something essential, helping your users to reach their particular monetary targets. The commitment and trust established by assisting them will generate more gains for the company. Get Membership Documents and customer Lending Forms by emailing united states at clientservices@oaktreebiz.com.

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Auto Loans: Find Your Perfect Match at Delta Community Credit Union

Delta Community Credit Union offers great new auto loan rates as low a 1.75% APR. We also provide loans on used cars, watercrafts, RVs, aircraft, snow mobiles, pop-up campers, some tractors, motorcycles, and travel trailers. Find your perfect match today at Delta Community. https://www.deltacommunitycu.com/Personal/Home-Loans/Vehicle-Loans/Car-Loans.aspx
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Mobile Banking: Good for Credit Union Members and Lending Growth

Credit unions are constantly looking for products that are both good for their members and good for lending growth. Finding something that fits both specifications can be challenging; yet with a little digging, you can strike gold. Mobile banking happens to be one of the areas where more than a few good nuggets exist. Let’s unpack it a bit further and explore the benefits that are beneficial to both aspects mentioned above.

First, a little bit of backstory. In the eighth annual billing household survey conducted by Fiserv, an interesting statistic emerged. Their findings show that there was a huge increase in households that use more than one method of payment to pay their bills. That number is now 90%. While that may not speak to mobile banking as much, it does speak to consumers. It is loud and clear that they want options. In fact, they demand them now. This is where mobile banking is crucial for members. When looking for fillable forms for mobile banking, remember that Oak Tree provides your credit union compliant forms for membership documents, consumer lending, home equity lending and business lending.

Mobile Banking Gives Members a Choice

Offering mobile banking to credit union members gives them the power of choice in the form of continuous access. They can access their financial information at any time. They can also choose to receive paper statements, but the convenience of checking their accounts online is satisfying. It is keeping them in the know and up to date regarding recent transactions. Having 24/7 access has become an expectation. It is part of living in a fast-paced digital world. Mobile banking is indispensable in this regard and so is Oak Tree for your credit union lending documents.

Mobile Banking Gives Members Flexibility

This aspect is a great selling point for credit union members. Most mobile banking systems are comprehensive, allowing members to perform functions such as:

-Online account management
-Money transfers
-Online bill pay
-Credit score assessment
-Electronic statements
-Budgeting tools
-Retirement planning
-Card services
-Car Buying services
-ATM/Branch location information
-Travel notifications for card usage

Having access to all of these features gives credit union members the flexibility they need to control their financial lives. It also keeps everything in one place. Rather than logging into several different online accounts, members simply log into one place and have access to all of the financial tools they need. That’s the ultimate goal in financial flexibility

How Mobile Banking Encourages Lending Growth

So, how does mobile banking play into lending growth as it relates to credit unions? The answer is straightforward, yet indirect.

When pitching mobile banking services to credit union members, mention the fact that they can check loan balances in addition to regular checking and savings account balances. The accessibility of having this information at hand will keep them up to date and informed. They will know when their next payment is due, how much they have left to pay on the principal balance, and how early payments will affect the amount of interest owed.

Rather than receive another bill in the mail, they can simply log on and check the balance just as they would normally. They have one user name and password to get access to all of their account balances, all of the financial planning tools, and any other freebies such as budget or credit score assessments offered by your credit union. This is why it’s always a good idea to mention the convenience of mobile banking when pitching an auto or home loan to a member. Oak Tree can set up forms to include digital signatures and optical storage with most systems.

Finally, having a great online banking system could encourage more members to make the switch from their current financial institution to your credit union. More members translates into more people to pitch your lending products to. It is, ultimately, how mobile banking works together for the financial stability of credit union members, while encouraging lending growth for the credit union itself. With 90% of households demanding different choices now more than ever, it might be a good time to look at your mobile banking system and see if it offers everything your members are looking for. If not, it might be worth making the investment to offer more choices with your mobile banking experience. It could drive more members to you, which could easily translate into more lending growth for your credit union.

So, should your members need mobile banking, you can rest assured our Oak Tree documents and lending packages are the perfect complement to the process. All of our forms are up to date, and compliant with all state and federal regulations. They are easy to customize and can be tailor-made to reflect your brand. In addition, Oak Tree forms integrate with any data processor. This allows for convenience and flexibility, so you can remain accessible to your members, and help them achieve their financial dreams. Email us at clientservices@oaktreebiz.com or chat with us at www.OakTreeBiz.com.

Credit Union Forms: Secured and Unsecured Lending

Credit unions serve different demographics throughout the united states of america and need to deliver proper loan products to most useful match their particular people’ requirements. Requirements like age, income, and credit history all aspect into which kind of loan emerges to an associate. These variations helps that loan officer choose whether or not to offer an associate a secured or unsecured loan.
The distinction between a secured and unsecured loan:

A guaranteed loan is collateralized by an item or form of security. Most often this security is a car or perhaps the equity of a house. If a borrower defaults regarding regards to the mortgage, a creditor usually takes possession regarding the collateral through repossession associated with residential property and/or property foreclosure of security interest. Collateralized financial loans are usually regarded as carry less threat, and for that reason, lenders can offer lower rates of interest, while expanding the quantity of credit they may be able expand general as a result of a rise in the under-served or credit-challenged marketplace. Any loan that is not guaranteed would fall into the category of unsecured.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc. provides credit union kinds both for secured and short term loans. Both closed-end residence equity financial loans and open-end residence equity personal lines of credit (HELOCs) are guaranteed by the genuine property pledged as security in connection with that expansion of secured credit). Oak Tree’s open-end consumer financing forms can be built to guide both secured and unsecured financing. For guaranteed lending, the types will consist of many terms expected to properly offer the different aspects of open-end, collateralized consumer financial loans (including modified improvements, safety, various other protection, and standard terms) and other customizations as may be needed so that you can help a particular kind of collateralized financing.

To learn more about the different guaranteed and unsecured loan kinds from Oak Tree, speak to united states on our web site or mail clientservices@oaktreebiz.com.

Consumer Lending and Travel Loans In The Credit Union Industry

Travel financial loans are getting to be more and more popular with credit union users. It is not challenging understand why, either. Aided by the current economic climates, folks have just enough resources to cover living expenses. Taking a trip and getaways are left to simply take a backseat. But you’ll provide your credit union members a travel loan to offer all of them the monetary convenience and convenience they want as they tend to be away.

Understanding a Travel Loan?
Travel loans are an alternate form of personal bank loan regarding consumer financing. You can easily neglect vacation loans as an everyday product providing, although market is very financially viable. Having vacation resources on hand reassures people that their monetary needs tend to be met as they are away. This sort of loan ended up being built to act as a supplement, or even to be utilized as opposed to funds usually useful for day to day living. They may be effortlessly paid back in monthly installments. Showing vacation financial loans that way reveals users just how effortless and affordable it could be to simply take that dream holiday they’ve always desired to.

Funds from a travel loan help people plan properly for vacation. Another benefit is the fact that it is very convenient for members to use a credit union while traveling. Particularly if the credit union is connected and/or connected to a national network. The capability of having cash in hand while on holiday makes a travel loan a rather attractive option for people.

Providing Travel financial loans towards Members
Travel financial loans are easy to provide. Specifically with an Oak Tree Business techniques, Inc. consumer financing bundle. Fulfill your credit union’s operational requirements insurance firms custom made consumer financing packages. Our kinds make it possible for one to lend towards members. If you haven’t considered taking a look at this specific customer lending product prior to, now’s a good time. E mail us these days and let’s talk.

Marketing Travel Loans to Your Members
With just a little advertising and marketing, you are able to tap into the niche and encourage your users to secure a travel loan before they make vacation plans. Improve vacation financial loans inside part, in your website, on social media, and through direct-mail. Make sure you highlight your vacation loan’s great prices, repayment choices, the benefits of the loan, and exactly how easy it really is to join up the loan!

Oak Tree company Systems, Inc. will help you promote any services and products with this marketing services department. Contact our marketing and advertising team for help to advertise your travel financial loans.

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