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Kid With Amex Platinum Card In Brentwood Starbucks

A kid of all of 10 years old or so was in front of me at the Brentwood, CA Starbucks using an American Express Platinum Card to buy coffee! That was totally hilarious to me. A “Welcome to Brentwood” moment if there ever was one. – vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog http://www.zennie62blog.com – youtube video




Amex Platinum Sign-up Connect: https://goo.gl/xHHnSd


0 Travel Credit

0 Uber Credit

0 Worldwide Entry/TSA PreCheck Credit

International Lounge Access (Amex Centurion, Priority Pass, Delta Skyclub)

60,000 Point Sign-up Bonus

5x Points On Airfare

5x Points On Resorts

Transfer Points To 20 Partners (Airline & Hotels)

Gold Hilton and SPG Reputation

Improved Avis, Hertz And National Automobile Status

No International Transaction Costs

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Travel Bugsss

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Weight In: American Express AMEX New Metal Platinum Card vs. JP Morgan Chase Palladium Reserve Card

Weight In: United states Express AMEX New steel Platinum Card vs. JP Morgan Chase Palladium Reserve Card

Body Weight In: United States Express AMEX New Metal Platinum Card vs. JP Morgan Chase Palladium Reserve Card

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Which American Express credit card is Right for You?

We compare the three openly readily available Amex charge cards. The Green card, Gold Card and Platinum Card.
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Cartão de Crédito AmericanExpress Platinum Card, SEM LIMITE- Cartão de Crédito Alta Renda

Cartão de Crédito AmericanExpress Platinum Card, SEM LIMITE- Cartão de Crédito Alta Renda

< object kind="application/x-shockwave-flash" design="size:425 px; elevation:355 px;" data ="// www.youtube.com/v/A_KshhoOw-I?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1" >< param name="motion picture" value ="// www.youtube.com/v/A_KshhoOw-I?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1"/ >< img alt="Cartão de Crédito AmericanExpress Platinum Card, SEM LIMITE- Cartão de Crédito Alta Renda" src="http://free-credit-report-check.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/default-24.jpg"/ >
* Cartão de Crédito Alta Renda * —————————————————–
ø www.americanexpress.com.br ø www.bradescocartoes.com.br ø www.bradesco.com.br Hoje falamos sob o cartão americanexpress platinum card sem limite pré estabelecido, o mesmo é emitido pelo Bradesco.
Explicamos sob o limite escondido e também os benefícios do cartão americanexpress.

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Amex Platinum: How to Order NEW Metal Card and FREE Gold Cards

Amex Platinum: tips Order NEW steel Card and COMPLIMENTARY Gold Cards

American Express brought in brand-new benefits for Platinum cardholders on March 30th, so you can today purchase the newest steel card and no-cost silver cards, here is how…
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Glimpse in the brand new – Amex METAL Platinum Card!
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Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Card For Free Hotel Stays

American Express dedicates its financial services typically around travel-plannings, and offers great travel rewards with its credit cards. The Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Card from American Express is one such service meant for those frequent travelers who wish to grab the lucrative discounts on stays at Hilton Family Hotels.

Hilton Family hotels have a worldwide networking. If you plan for frequent stays at Hilton hotels and enroll in the Hilton HHonors Platinum American Express program, you will obtain points for money spent on purchases and stays at HHonors hotels. These points can be carried forward for free hotel stays, travel rewards, and other benefits.

How Do You Earn The Points?

The key reward program of Hilton HHonors Platinum American Express is the points, which you earn through purchases redeemed at hotels within the Family of Hilton hotels. To know more about the points go through the details:

* Essentially, you can earn five bonus points for each dollar spent in Hilton family of Hotels, along with three points for every dollar, towards hotel stays in future. You can also earn 5 points on eligible purchases from restaurants, grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations, restaurants, the U.S. Postal Service, supermarkets and similar avenues.
* Get 10000 HHonors bonus points after your very first purchase with the Hilton HHonors Platinum Card, which is enough for a free night’s stay at any of the Hilton Hotels.
* For the first 4 stays, you will earn 2500 at a Hilton Family hotel and 500 points for each stay after that. Not only this, you can earn frequent flyer miles along with bonus points for a qualifying hotel stay.
* Your points will be redeemable once you go past the 7500-mark.
* Points never expire as long as the card is active (at least once each year) and there is no yearly-limit for points that can be earned.

The free night will depend on the category of the hotel you choose, normally an opportunity category hotel costs around 10,000 points, whereas a category 6 hotel would take 40,000 points.

Some Features

Have a look at the some of the features of Hilton HHonors Platinum American Express that you would like to be familiar with:

* There is no annual fee
* Get bonus points for free stays at Hilton family of hotels
* Additional benefits and services in hotels for cardholders.
* There is no pre-set spending limit,
* The introductory rate for purchases is low
* No balance transfer fee in the beginning. Although, future balance transfers may incur a fee which is already divulged at the time of the applicable transaction.

The initial APR is 2.90%. This continues for the first six months and then the rate climbs higher.

More Details

Other fees attached to Hilton HHonors Platinum card include:

* Late fee of $ 19 on balances upto $ 400 and $ 38 on balances of $ 400 and above
* Over limit fee of $ 35
* Cash advance fee of 3% and $ 5 minimum for Express Cash transactions

Other benefits

Apart from reward program and signature benefits, Hilton HHonors Platinum American Express does offer you the several common benefits and services which include- auto rental insurance, various services related to protection services, travel accident insurance, and discounts from the Offer Zone (it provides access to discounts, offers, and special events).

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How Can I Spend The $200 Airline Reimbursement From The Amex Platinum Card Before It Expires?

TPG reader Subho e-mailed me to ask:
I recently got the Amex Platinum Card on a whim. How can I spend the 0 airline reimbursement that comes with it before it expires at the end of the year? Pack your bags: In TPGtv, travel expert and founder of ThePointsGuy.com Brian Kelly showcases the extraordinary experiences made possible by maximizing frequent flyer miles and credit card points. The web-series follows Kelly as he journeys to far-reaching destinations around the globe traveling in style for a fraction of the cost. The first season of ten episodes sees Kelly take a once in a lifetime odyssey around Africa. Traveling from Ghana and Rwanda to South Africa and Doha, he discovers remarkable people and uncommon travel experiences while taking viewers inside the luxury hotel and resort accommodations that his points and mileage strategies secure.

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History Behind the Introduction of Gold and Platinum Credit Card

platinum card
by Net Archive Publication Images Debt cards, as they are known by the name, first entered into life in the year of 1958 in the USA. These unique cards wased initially introduced by the Financial institution of America. In the year 1966 Barclays Financial institution presented Barclay charge card. It was in the year 1967 Master credit card was developed in United States. In the year 1972 Access Debt Card was presented for the initial time. It is necessary o point that the Bank of The U.S.A. and Barclaycard repayment systems have actually progressed into the Visa network, whereas the Master cost and also the UK’s Access Charge card system changed right into MasterCard. The charge card which are issued in UK will either include the Visa or Master card Logo. Nevertheless, there is exception to the master and Visa cards as well as these exceptions have actually been result of introduction of American Express Bank. Furthermore, you will get the 4th smaller sized network of credit report cards which is rather prevalent in United States as well as called the Discover.All of the major financial institutions as well as also much of the structure societies active in the UK are using bank card with lots of benefits to score. The cards are being offered to the new in addition to the existing clients. Most of the banks are supplying both, MasterCard in addition to Visa Cards. In the year 1980, the gold and platinum cards were presented on the economic markets. These cards are provided on the basis of specific amount of annual fee. If we broach the present scenario, there is only thin line difference between gold bank card as well as platinum bank card. Just what will certainly Gold Credit rating Card Offer?A gold credit scores card provides customers longer rate of interest complimentary duration, very lowered interest prices as compared to

any kind of regular category of credit card. The gold vehicle also provides great price cuts on the purchases as well as this becomes the finest option in the lengthy run. Most of the financial institutions have actually likewise quit the technique of billing annual fee from the holders of gold card.Platinum Bank card Offers Platinum card offers reward points depending upon the quantity of purchases you have made on your charge card. The platinum card will supply reduced rate of interest, travel accident insurance coverage, rental automobile insurance policy and also there are additionally extra regular credit line increase benefits.Applying for Platinum Bank card If you are preparing to use for the platinum debt card, all you should show is your financial history as well as absolutely nothing more. For even more details, you require to get in touch with the particular bank. Gulf Loan Mart discusses Gold Credit history card.