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Identity Theft Laws – How The Legal System Can Protect You?

Not that long ago, people didn’t worry much when they lost a credit card or threw away a bill. They knew they could contact their creditors and straighten it out pretty quickly. But today, you may be a victim of identity theft and not even know it. This malicious crime is also hard to prosecute because it’s difficult to identify and track down the perpetrator.
In 2004, the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee issued a report with some surprising statistics about identity theft. They estimated that about 27 million Americans were victims of identity theft from 1999-2004. Half of them didn’t know how the thief had gotten their personal information, although a quarter of them knew that the identity theft resulted from a lost or stolen credit card, checkbook, social security number, or personal mail. A few of the victims even reported that the identity thief had used their personal information to carry out a crime under a false identity.
In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission said that reports of identity theft were up 33% from the year before, that they were aware of over 200,000 cases of identity theft in 2003. States with the most reported cases of identity theft were Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, and Florida. And for almost three quarters of the fraud cases reported, the use of victims’ personal information was used for credit card, phone or utility, or bank fraud. They also found that, on average, the misuse of victims’ personal information lasted from three to six months and resulted in a total loss of about $ 5 billion to victims, plus over 300 million hours of personal time resolving the problems once discovered.
The 2003 FTC Survey reported over $ 50 billion in losses to business as a result of identity theft. They also reported that, in that year, each victim spent from $ 500 to $ 1200 and from 30 to 60 personal hours to have their credit problems resolved. Unfortunately, there is little hope that this trend will decrease in the near future. Identity theft seems to be getting easier, not harder, and the criminals are learning how to hide their crimes from victims longer and to hide their person from law enforcement altogether.
Unfortunately, there is no single database in the U.S. covering identity theft cases, and the Committee suspects that the number of crimes are vastly underreported. Classifying these crimes as identity theft varies from state to state and from police department to police department. The 2003 study revealed that 60% of victims of identity theft had not reported the crime to their police department! Only one in five had even reported the problem to their credit bureau.
Identity theft crimes are investigated at the federal level by federal agencies like the Secret Service and the FBI. The Department of Justice usually prosecutes the cases through a local U.S. Attorneys’ office. In 2000, U.S. Attorneys reported that they had filed over 2000 cases of identity theft across the country (compare this to the 9 million victims per year). That year, the Secret Service made over 3000 arrests, and average actual loses to victims in cases that were closed equaled over $ 46,000 each. The FBI reported 1425 convictions for identity theft, over a thousand of those for bank fraud. The Postal Inspection Service made a little over 1700 arrests in 2000. Even the IRS reported actual and suspected cases of identity theft in questionable tax returns in 2000, estimating that they had received around 150 thousand fraudulent returns and fraudulent claims for more than $ 750 million in refunds. Today, the federal government recognizes that identity theft is the fastest-growing financial crime in America.
One reason for the apparently low proportion of prosecutions and convictions for identity theft has been the government’s inability to define the specific crimes. In 1998, Congress passed the first law addressing identity theft, the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, making identity theft a named federal crime and making it a little easier to prosecute. The Act made the Federal Trade Commission responsible for receipt of complaints and public education about identity theft.
The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act of 2004 established penalties for aggravated identity theft, including those instances where identity theft was used to commit more serious crimes. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act to address identity theft and related consumer issues, making it possible for victims to work with creditors and credit bureaus to remove negative information due to identity theft in their credit report. The Internet False Identification Act of 2000 amended the older False Identification Crime Control Act of 1982 to encompass computer-aided false identity crimes. Violators face fines and/or imprisonment for producing or transferring false identification documents.
Experts encourage people to be proactive in taking steps to prevent and discover identity theft. Clearly, keeping it from happening in the first place is far less stressful than trying to resolve issues after identity theft crimes are committed. Here are a few of the things you can do to protect your personal financial information from identity theft criminals:
– Secure your personal information at all times. Don’t leave lists of account numbers unlocked, and don’t share your user IDs or passwords with Anyone. Maintain as much control over your personal financial information as you can.
– Don’t throw mail away if in contains any personal information, including your full name and address. Shred these documents before putting them in the garbage.
– Educate yourself about the techniques and tactics used in identity theft and protect yourself accordingly.
– Don’t share personal account information with anyone, including co-workers, friends, and roommates. Unless they are also responsible for paying your bills, they have no reason to have this information. And don’t give them your passwords without a very good reason. If you do share your passwords, change them as soon as possible.
– Shred unwanted and pre-approved credit applications, and have your name removed from those mailing lists.
– Be careful when you make purchases online to use only secure servers and to carefully guard your information. Do not keep a written list of passwords, and use passwords that are difficult to figure out (rather than something simple like your phone number).

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Identity Theft Prevention | What to Do if You’re a Victim

Identity Theft Prevention | What to Do if You're a Victim

From the U.S. Treasury Dept. Describes the actions you need to take in the event that you come to be a victim of identification theft.

Identification theft is a serious crime. It occurs when your own personal info is taken and used without your knowledge to devote fraud or any other crimes. Identity theft will set you back money and time. It may destroy your credit and
harm your good title.
Deter identification thieves by safeguarding your information.
■ Shred financial papers and paperwork with personal information before you discard all of them.
■ Safeguard your personal Security number. Don’t carry your personal safety card within wallet or write your Social protection quantity on a check. Provide aside only when essential or ask to utilize another identifier.
■ Don’t hand out private information from the phone, through post, or higher the world-wide-web if you do not
know who you really are working with.
■ never ever select links sent in unsolicited emails;
as an alternative, key in a web address you understand. Utilize fire walls,
anti-spyware, and anti-virus software to protect
your house computer; keep them up to date.
Visit OnGuardOnline.gov to find out more.
■ avoid an evident password such as your beginning day,
your mother’s maiden name, and/or last four digits
of one’s Social protection number.
■ maintain your private information in a protected spot
yourself, particularly if you have actually roommates, employ outside assist, or are having work done in home.
Defend against ID theft when you suspect it.
■ Put a “Fraud alarm” on the credit reports, and review the reports very carefully. The aware informs creditors
to follow along with particular treatments before they start brand-new reports within title or make changes towards current records. The 3 across the country customer reporting companies have toll free numbers for placing an initial 90-day fraud aware; a call to 1 business is sufficient:
Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
Experian: 1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)
TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289

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Identity theft is on the rise which affects millions of people and inflicts businesses with huge amounts of dollars in fraud losings.
Individuals are eager for help and so are more and more demanding federal government assistance and intervention which will continue to introduce regulations.

This PowerPoint training course is intended to instruct workers in regards to the Federal warning flags Rule, workplace identification fraudulence prevention techniques, and, give you the necessary annual education required because of the legislation.
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How To Get A Credit Identity Theft Protection Now

It is certainly very required that you use up some effort and also do everything in your power to make sure correct credit scores identification burglary protection due to the fact that any kind of concession hereof could finish up making you pay a heavy rate.

In this contemporary age there countless events when people negotiate money over the Internet as well as at the exact same time there is likewise a mushrooming of identification thieves that pester the online world searching for fresh prey which implies that you must protect your identity a lot more zealously.

You need to do something concerning obtaining a credit report identity burglary protection, if you have a checking account or a charge card

Destructive Repercussions

It is much more worst for an individual to come to be a bank card identification theft victim, rather than only coming to be an identification theft victim. Usually, the losses will certainly be double. Making use of phishing websites are among the much more common schemes being used by charge card identity burglars. An additional usual reason that charge card identity theft happens is dumpster driving.It makes good sense to take credit report identity burglary defense steps to make sure that you do not wind up at a phishing website or forgets to shred your bank and also credit card declarations prior to discarding them in a dustbin. Keep in mind, that the sick impacts of credit scores card
identity theft are so serious that refraining something to guarantee credit score identity burglary security is really teasing with danger and also welcoming significant consequences.Get to understand your present credit report rating along with being upgraded with the use of bank card are some credit scores identification theft defense step you could require to obstruct off identification thieves.Proper credit identity theft defense actions additionally include never ever disclosing your individual info to individuals unless you are sure that they are authentic persons.Nowadays, there are emails sent to people inquiring to login and also enter their personal info. If you are truly worried concerning influencing the right credit scores identification burglary protection approaches then you will
discover how to steer far from these such emails.Using a clever charge card is among the great ways to earn sure a proper credit score identification burglary defense, though it may set you back a little of loan. Nonetheless, they are confirmed to be effective in securing you from identification theft.With threats of coming to be an identity burglary victim reaching epidemic percentages; seeking proper credit score identity burglary security measures will definitely play no bit part in aiding you from being preyed on. Identification theft insurance coverage is easily available and also numerous insurer actually provide some very attractive plans that hopefully will show to be the solution to getting appropriate settlement after having been burglarized of your identity.Measures such as securing insurance coverage as well as utilizing smart credit report cards must provide you with some tranquility of mind understanding that you have actually done your bit to make certain that your identity remains protected as well as risk-free as well as will not conveniently be endangered. Searching for terrific ideas and also quality methods to avoid identification burglary which could be influencing you? Understand about different prevent identification burglary items from his straightforward evaluation website as well as obtain protected now. Locate Much more Identification Theft Defense Articles

What You Need to Do to Protect Your Identity Right Now

The theft of your identity can occur at any given moment. It can happen because you’ve lost a wallet somewhere, you put your purse down and it was snatched, or even because someone managed to skim your credit card information somehow. Whether you have strange medical bills appearing or your credit cards are being used without permission, you need to have some sort of protection plan in place should the unthinkable occur. Do you know what services are available to you today? And what kinds of identity theft protection are available to you to keep thieves at bay?


The most valuable thing in the world to an identity thief is your identity. Identities are just another commodity that can be bartered about, and some identity protection plans monitor the bartering process. If a monitoring service notices your information be traded or sold, they can quickly notify you that someone has gotten a hold of your identification information. This service lets you know that you have been compromised and need to make immediate changes, which can minimize losses.


Many identity thieves get information from their victims by having them give it to them. When it comes to identity theft protection, being aware of phishing while you are online is extremely important. A common form of phishing occurs through e-mail, where you might be asked to verify your account information again. If you click the link, you’ll go to a website that looks like one where you would need to verify your identity. Unless you know the reasons why someone is requesting this information from you, never give it out. A good rule of thumb is to contact an organization’s customer service department if you believe an e-mail as the possibility of being real.


A common place to find an identity thief today is the internet. Identity theft protection agencies know this and will offer you virus protection or malware protection for your computer. From cookie tracking to keylogging to simple malware, identity thieves have many tools that can put you at risk of identity theft while you are on your computer. If you spend any time at all with your computer online, you’ll want to have preventative services in place.


Keeping your identification information locked up at home is an easy way to prevent identity theft. A fireproof lockbox is a good place to keep your important documents so that they stay secure and safe from other disasters that might happen. No one needs this information unless you know the reasons behind it, so if you get asked for this documentation and you don’t know why… then don’t hand it over.


Some plans are just easier to use than other plans. Some plans only offer you a notification of suspicious activity when it is detected. Some companies offer fully interactive products and services so you can see what is being monitored.


Are you a hands on type of person? Then you will want a service that lets you be interactive with your purchased products. Would you rather just know if something is going on and forget about your service plan otherwise? Then a less interactive plan would be for you.

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Stopping identity theft before it even starts is the key to continually defeating identity thieves. Get more info about LifeLock identity theft protection plans on the official website. An easy way to stay proactive is to keep an eye on your information for changes as often as possible. Whether you use the tips found here or you sign up for a solid protection plan, something needs to happen today. Are you going to wait for the thieves to find you? Or are you ready to take the fight to the identity thieves?

Identity Theft Prevention Services

Identification thieves have become more advanced with every moving time. Cannot hold back until it is too-late. Identification theft can happen everywhere to anybody. Lined up during the store, online in the home or when you’re buying your morning coffee. Identification theft is one of the most typical issues that individuals face these days. All of your personal information may be used to commit the crime.

Identity theft-protection organization Lifelock is within the news today. The business, headed by CEO Todd Davis, is renowned for its challenge advertising (reproduced below) that has been running for a couple of many years. Identity theft sometimes happens whenever, everywhere, to anyone. Identity fraudulence is becoming a big concern in the present modern and although safety measures have been taken fully to correct the specific situation there has not already been much success. In the usa more or less 120 million residents had their particular exclusive documents revealed within the last few 36 months causing around 27 million People in america in order to become identification theft sufferers.

Identification theft in the many extreme cases enables visitors to get insurance inside title, available untrue bank records and also can provide a cover when arrested for other crimes. Ident-A-Kid’s Immediate reaction Card systems use an exceptionally fast electronic data purchase system. A whole profile of each and every son or daughter, including fingerprint, photo, level and weight, is acquired in under 15 moments. Identity theft is considered the most quickly growing crime worldwide. It’s now bringing in more money than medication trafficking.


bank card fraudulence is the most common type of ‘identity theft.’ It threatens no responsibility and only a small amount of inconvenience to most customers in the usa – people who tend to be sensible, anyhow. And I also’ve never grasped exactly what these types of services would or could do in order to avoid or mitigate a real impersonation fraud. Credit card issuers nonetheless sent actual charge cards within their pre-approval mailings and another ended up being taken regarding my mailbox. Per year later on, I got a group observe that over $ 2000 ended up being recharged at a retailer obstructs from my home. Bank card fraud is oftentimes puzzled for identity theft because of those smart advertisements aided by the funny voice-overs but it’s actually a walk in the playground when compared with identification theft. It will not simply take just a couple calls to clear it often.

Credit tracking is an afterthought. What credit monitoring is, is attempting to sell you your personal data.

Credit Fraud

eventually, credit fraud consistently hurts all of us. No body is very absorbing these prices independently. They constantly have handed down to the consumers. There are lots of fraud aware components that make sure that creditors inform both you and verify your identification before any brand-new line of credit is established in your title. One of today’s common systems may be the brand new and famous LifeLock.


You can protect your credit (and your family members’ credit) with a few outstanding functions provided by LifeLock. During this writing, there are also a few web pages offering LifeLock discount coupons. You can simply run an easy search-engine query on “LifeLock coupons” while’re certain to find a number of web sites to examine and select from. LifeLock is indeed a huge title in identity theft prevention today. Some state it is slightly overkill, some say it is precisely what they needed. Assessment the info very carefully and also you choose.

Pj Germain is an old law enforcement officer and current security engineer investigating Identity Theft protection Services . You will see even more articles on LifeLock Coupons at their website: http://idtheft.insideinfoguru.com

Identity Theft Facts

Knowledge really is power

Knowing identity theft facts is critical. Identity thieves are less likely to prey on a well-informed population. So the more you learn about identity theft facts, the less vulnerable you are. Become familiar with identity theft facts and you’ll quickly see identity theft for the serious problem that it is.

Important identity theft facts

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America.
The number of identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
Every minute about 19 people fall victim to identity theft.
It takes the average victim an estimated $ 500 and 30 hours to resolve each identity theft crime.
Studies have shown that it’s becoming more common for the ones stealing your identity to be those closest to you. One study found 32% of identity theft victims discovered a family member or relative was responsible for stealing their identity. That same study found 18% were victimized by a friend, neighbor or in-home employee.
Most cases of identity theft can be resolved if they are caught early.
Financial institutions – like banks and creditors – usually only hold the victim responsible for the first $ 50 of fraudulent charges.
Only 28% of identity theft cases involve credit or financial fraud. Phone, utility, bank and employment fraud make up another 50% of cases.

You may have known some of these identity theft facts already. Others, you may not have known. But of all the identity theft facts there are, these two you should never forget: identity theft is preventable and identity theft is fixable.
These days, identity theft facts and figures are all over the news. It seems like more and more people are victims of ID theft each day. Some find their bank accounts drained. Some find their credit destroyed. Whatever the case, identity thieves universally leave chaos in their path.

With so many numbers flying around, you may be wondering what the real identity theft facts are.

Well, a lot depends on where you live. In fact, a 2009 study of this type of theft showed that the largest US number of reports occurred in Florida; Arizona and Texas were not far behind.

However, these specific identity theft facts don’t mean that you are safe, even if you live in other areas.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity related theft is a trend that for the most part is growing. In fact, 21% of the complaints they received in 2009 were about some sort of ID theft. Not all such theft is the same, though. In fact, you can be vulnerable in any number of ways.

For example, 2009 identity theft statistics indicated that bank fraud and loan fraud accounted for 14% of all identity related theft for that year. However, credit card fraud topped the charts at 17%.

So, that goes to show that you need to protect both your bank accounts and your credit card accounts.

Additional identity theft facts and figures for 2009 showed that utilities/phone fraud and employment fraud both had a major impact on the public.

Utilities and phone fraud was listed at 15%, while employment fraud was at 13%. So, it is also very important to be careful what you say on the telephone and how you handle your employment applications and records.

Another of the big identity theft facts to pay attention to is that 16% of the identity theft cases involved government document fraud, according to the 2009 statistics. So, you will want to make sure that you protect all of your government documents, including any military records.

It’s also important to protect any birth certificates, adoption papers or other identifying information from thieves.

Although all of these are important identity theft facts to know, they are really just the tip of the iceberg.

ID theft is real, and you should be constantly concerned about protecting you and your family from it. The easiest thing that you can do to protect your identity is to guard all of your personal information in the first place. In other words, use your common sense and be careful.

Always shred or burn any personal information that you do not need to keep. Don’t just toss it in the trash and think that this is something that will never happen to you. If you do need to keep it, secure it in a safe deposit box or other secure area.

Because given the identity theft facts laid out here, you can see that this is a crime that can happen to most anyone at any time.

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It Is Time To Take Identity Theft Prevention Seriously

Do you utilize identification theft avoidance actions? If not, you might begin. Identification theft is just one of the quickest developing crimes for this century and more than 10 million men and women end up a victim of it annually. Most this is merely not being cautious with which they share their particular private information with.

The typical victim of identity theft can get to pay about $ 500 to try to correct the problems which will result. You can also expect to spend a minimum of 60 hours making phone calls, writing letters, and delivering faxes to try to show it was perhaps not you that made the charges regarding the records impacted. These thieves are becoming much more imaginative so that you must be educated towards most readily useful identification theft prevention steps available.

One for the simplest yet most reliable things you can do should shred all mail that comes to your home. Which means the bank card offers, the home loan provides, the refinance provides, the whole thing that you did not request. Get a shredder with “cross-cut” shredding that makes it extremely difficult for a dumpster-diving thief to piece it all right back together once more. Additionally look in publications, since the magazine address label includes information about you, and lots of times magazines have actually pre-printed forms inside with your own personal information about it, as a convenience if you desire to order something.

The authorities has also understood just how prevalent this criminal activity is starting to become and has implemented a few identity theft prevention measures which you can use. The foremost is a free annual credit history. Thus giving the capability to look at your report on a yearly basis to identify any modifications. You will definitely obtain a free of charge report from all three major credit agencies.

The credit reporting companies have also gotten to the act to assist you avoid this criminal activity. One of the ways will be send all of them an “opt-out” which means so long as wish any banks or financial institutions to mail you offers, even though you qualify. This really is recommended, specifically since you can be lured to join just what may seem to be great provides and then get with economic problems due to over-extending yourself.

The credit bureaus additionally enable you to request a “credit freeze” on the account that will completely freeze your report. What this means is that no person can run a credit report you without your express permission. For authorization, it’s a somewhat tough process, and a lot of identity thieves won’t work with this since there are so many targets being easier.

In terms of identification theft prevention, an ideal solution is identification theft security services, that is a site offered by several businesses. They monitor your credit file continuously as soon as there was any change, you might be instantly notified to be able to begin corrective action if necessary. It is a powerful way to capture thieves because things can happen so much more quickly, instead of devoid of such a service, in which it might be months if your wanting to realize your identification is affected.

With reports with this criminal activity continuing to improve on a yearly basis, you really need to consider what you do for yourself with regards to identification theft avoidance. The easy safeguards that one can set up these days will save you hundreds of dollars and hundreds or even thousands of hours of one’s personal time in the event that you become a victim.

For lots more ideas and extra information regarding Identity Theft protection and getting no-cost copies of one’s credit history from the credit scoring companies, please go to our internet site at http://www.idtheftprotectiontips.com

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Identity Theft Protection / Social Media Protection from BullGuard

Identity Theft Protection / Social Media Protection from BullGuard

< things type="application/x-shockwave-flash" design="width:425 px; elevation:355 px;" data ="// www.youtube.com/v/2fCM9vkjskY?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1" >< param name="movie" value ="// www.youtube.com/v/2fCM9vkjskY?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1"/ >< img alt="Identity Theft Security/ Social media site Protection from BullGuard" src="http://free-credit-report-check.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/default-15.jpg"/ > Attempt BullGuard’s Identification Theft Protection free of cost: http://www.bullguard.com/products/bullguard-identity-protection.aspx. Identity Defense, an internet based service, is a basic and also effective method to safeguard your personal as well as financial information and also check your children’s Facebook task, whatever tools you use to access the Net.

BullGuard Identity Security keeps track of the web, social media networks and the dark internet searching for private details, including: bank card and also checking account numbers, owning permit, key and National Insurance numbers, phone numbers, email and postal addresses, usernames and passwords.

Facebook security for your kids. Social Media defense– keep an eye on your kid’s Facebook account. BullGuard Identity Defense flags unacceptable web content (terrible or offensive blog posts, pictures, exclusive messages), destructive links, questionable buddies, feasible harasses or predators to maintain your youngsters risk-free online.

No software program installation is needed.
24/7 web surveillance and preventative alerts
Easy gain access to from any type of device
Free test