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Ask the Dealer: Should you use a credit union when buying and financing a car? #abetterplacetobuy

Ask the Dealer: Should you use a credit union when buying and financing a car? #abetterplacetobuy

Cory Vaughn discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a credit union when financing a vehicle. It can be a great way to secure financing on a new or pre owned vehicle, let us know if you have any other questions! www.mikepattonauto.com
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How To Pick A Mortgage Lender When Buying A House

Learn how to pick a mortgage lender when buying a house.
Contact me at http://www.tampa2enjoy.com/contact-us/ and Check out http://www.tampa2enjoy.com to view all homes for sale in Tampa and surrounding areas.

If you do not need financing, don’t worry about watching this video unless you want to know more information.

This video covers how to buy a house and how to pick a mortgage lender to help you with your home buying process. Finding a mortgage lender is a good place to start after choosing a real estate agent to work with. Make sure to also ask your friends/family who they choose to work with and get a general idea. There are 3 types of top mortgage lenders out there: big banks, mortgage bankers, and mortgage brokers. I personally do not like big banks. If you have a special circumstance, big banks will usually tell you that you do not qualify for a loan, period. However, you may qualify for a home loan through someone else. Big banks are also limited because they are only lending their own money, and if you can’t work around it, then it won’t work for them. I highly recommend looking for local mortgage lenders, try not to use someone out of state. I’ve also worked with several credit unions in the past, and yes, while they do care about their customers, I find that they unfortunately provide their loan officers with insufficient training. I’m a big fan of mortgage bankers because they lend their own money but they also do the underwriting for the file in house. Mortgage brokers have access to several lenders but you want someone who will make sure your loan deal happens, because otherwise they won’t get paid until you close. When calling up for rate quotes, make sure to call all of your choices on the same day so that you can get your interest rate locked in. Interest rates change daily so make sure to get your rate quote in writing from the lender. Pick someone who is going to help you with representing your best interests. Make sure to ask the right questions; why should I choose you to work with? What makes you one of the best mortgage lenders for me?

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Lance Mohr
Mohr Realty Group at Keller Williams

Find out how to choose a mortgage lender that’ll perfectly suit your needs and more when buying a house… Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95UcxFXAJ9M
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Is buying a home always better? | Housing | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy

The math of renting vs. buying property. Challenging the idea it is always easier to purchase. Developed by Sal Khan.

View another training:

Missed the prior training? View here: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance/housing/renting-v-buying/v/renting-versus-buying-a-home?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=financeandcapitalmarkets

Finance and money markets on Khan Academy: will it be always easier to get than rent? What if home costs rise dramatically and rents don’t? How can we compare home costs to rents to find out how to proceed. This older tutorial (low-res, bad handwriting) walks us through this. It really is about housing but comparable reasoning may be put on any rent-vs-buy choice (spoiler alert, Sal did eventually purchase a property).

About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers training exercises, instructional videos, and a tailored understanding dashboard that empower students to analyze at their own rate in and outside of the class room. We tackle math, science, education, history, art history, business economics, plus. Our math missions guide students from kindergarten to calculus making use of state-of-the-art, transformative technology that identifies skills and learning gaps. We have additionally partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The Ca Academy of Sciences, and MIT to supply specialized content.

At no cost. For all. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything

Contribute to Khan Academy’s Finance and Capital Markets channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1Rt02HirUvBK2D2-ZO_2g?sub_confirmation=1
Sign up to Khan Academy: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=khanacademy
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Look For The Best Option Of Buying A Car With Auto Financing

Should your income is stable, and you have evidence of being employed; you need to be capable of getting that loan regarding the brand-new car or an used vehicle, hassle free. Utilizing the advent of on line providers of automobile finance, the storyline became better for not too affluent class. You can find wider options, much better interest levels and positive payment terms available. Therefore, auto funding brings in an innovative new hope for many who have been searching for that help in purchasing a motor vehicle for his or her family members.

Auto financing never been as simple to have since it is these days. With not too stringent norms in Canada, vehicle buyers can consider lowering their particular immediate monetary burden and spreading it during a period of time. This is very effective for people who have savings but not adequate to get an automobile outright or in a rest up. Therefore, a far more profitable strategy is always to choose for automobile funding. With lot of loan providers entering this portion, the car financing business has actually rapidly developed into a large company. A four wheeler is a certain moral booster and status statement for the majority of for the people in virtually any area of the country or perhaps the world. Thus, all those borderline situations, where families were undecided whether or not to take the plunge, were because of the final push by these economic instruments. Indeed, for many, these financing option made a world of distinction. With increased businesses cropping up, the terms and rates of interest simply got a bit more borrower friendly.

The truth is, despite having a negative credit record, these days one can be eligible for a car financing loan. In Canada, you’ve got incredible alternatives with regards to the financing choices that are offered. Using the development of web auto funding choices, the entire means of certification check, processing and disbursement is finished within days. Truly the only huge difference that one might find could be the interest levels or even the down payments between your borrowers with good credit records and the ones with not too good files. For folks with a below par credit score the deposit will probably be greater. Some financers might increase the rates of interest for people where in fact the credit scores aren’t so great. Unlike some other countries, in Canada, the average person with a negative credit rating continues to have a much better possibility of getting a great automobile funding choice. Because the installment repayments does occur on a regular basis therefore does the good improvement in the credit score.

In Canada, you can additionally use the choice of refinancing. A phrase not many might have heard about, usually, a lot of people believe that when an automobile funding choice is taken, that’s last. The solution is no, in the case if the market situation changes and you will find better possibilities, there is multiple business willing to present a better deal than the existing supplier. Well this is certainly definitely one aspect individuals should consider, for better repayment options. The other can look at the option of buying a previously owned vehicle through car financing. Usually the term designed for a car loan is 5 to 7 years. Something is for yes; just don’t just go-by the words of the dealership, if you’re using an automobile financing option, look around, you might surely discover something much better.

For all you demands for easy automobile financing in Canada and realizing your perfect to own and drive your ideal vehicle, kindly do check out our site – http://www.creditgo.ca/index.php?updateLang=fr (French) or call us today.

How to get a mortgage loan step by step – Loan Officer training, home buying, loan origination, MLO

< item kind="application/x-shockwave-flash" design="width:425 px; elevation:355 px;" data ="// www.youtube.com/v/ghJYvvzjLtc?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1" > This video is offered by http://www.passthesafeexam.com – web link to it to notify your clients regarding the financing procedure. I discover it’s really useful to do so at the beginning.

You could likewise take a look at http://www.passthesafeexam.com to discover resources for the brand-new MLO that will make their very first year MUCH less of a discomfort and also even more effective.

Songs made use of by consent http://www.danosongs.com
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Used Cars for People with Bad Credit History – An Easy Way to Car Buying

credit application

Gallery of Hartlepool According to a new report by Experian, a significant variety of US consumers are purchasing cars and trucks. The sensation is an outcome of much easier funding accessibility and also less-stringent authorization standards. The report revealed that lending institutions and also financial institutions financed 85 percent of the overall brand-new cars and truck purchases and 53.8 percent of utilized autos in the 2nd quarter. This is greater by 0.5 percent and also 0.9 percent, specifically, from the in 2015.

Every person is running to the car dealership lot for getting an automobile but you ought to not do the same thing if you have poor credit history. For making sure success at the time of buying a vehicle, a negative credit score auto customer has to consider several points like your budget, credit rating, deposit, etc. However, there is another important point that requires your attention and it is the vehicle you are getting.

< br/ > New Cars and truck or Utilized Vehicle -That is the Concern
Whether your vehicle loan will be budget-friendly or not depends upon the auto that you buy. So, you have to be added careful because it has the power to improve or ruin your credit history.

The majority of negative credit report customers obtain greater rate of interest in contrast to others. So, if you acquire a brand-new auto, you will end up paying extra in regards to rate of interest. Likewise, it will certainly be expensive for you due to the fact that insurance policy costs amount is greater for brand-new vehicle in comparison to old automobiles.

It is safe to acquire a used auto with negative credit score background because its low-cost will make certain an affordable loan amount. If you beware in choosing an utilized auto, you will certainly have the advantage of acquiring a trustworthy automobile with less maintenance price.

Alternatives for purchasing a Made use of Automobile

Once you chose to choose older cars, you have 2 sources to pick from:

1. Dealer Whole lot< br/ > If you are stressed regarding ending up with a lemon, you could obtain a CPO (Licensed Used) car. CPO autos are suitable for cars and truck customers that intend to acquire a less-costly used cars and truck that has gone through security and also efficiency evaluation. It usually brings extended guarantee.

Although, you should maintain in mind that accredited autos are a bit expensive than other options because dealers conduct a detailed examination of the automobiles.

2. Private Event< br/ > You could buy an auto from a pal, associate, neighbor or online seller. All such sales are classified as personal party vehicle sales. Such offers are suitable for those customers who want to avoid the constant pressure of the salesman. A personal event automobile acquisition additionally leaves even more space for negotiation however you have to ensure the reliability of the auto as there is no accreditation offered.

Following comes the Bad Credit report Automobile Lending for acquiring a Made use of Cars and truck

After you have actually made a choice regarding acquiring a used car, it is time to make an application for a poor credit score auto loan. Prior to you most likely to a financial institution or look for dealership financing, you must take into consideration the on the internet automobile funding companies. These institutions collaborate with a lender network and also guarantee that your credit score application gets to several sub-prime loan providers and also thus, make sure higher authorization chances.

Right here are couple of tips for obtaining quick authorization on your on-line car loan demand:

>> > > Apply only with a sub-prime financing business with a safe and secure website
>> > > Make down repayment or trade-in your old car for reducing the lending quantity
>> > > Bring a co-signer as it will certainly increase loan provider’s faith in your finance application

So, this is exactly how you can become effective in getting a cars and truck with bad credit scores background. Remember this negative credit history vehicle loan guide prior to going out to earn the acquisition.

For successful cars and truck buying, you need a reputable financing companion like EZ Vehicle Finance. The online car financing business is experienced in ensuring reduced rate old auto loan to sub-prime customers. You can acquire quick approval on negative credit scores vehicle funding at low prices. Apply now.

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The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Buying a Used Car

The new millennium has thus far been a decade of rampant consumer fraud. Shrewd companies and salespersons cook up new way to rip off the public on a daily, if not an hourly basis. Concealed collision damage, rolled-back odometers, “laundered lemon” cars, where the manufacturer has repurchased the vehicle under lemon laws and then neglected to disclose the car’s history to the next buyer, used cars sold as new – these are just a few areas where dealerships and manufacturers are frequently committing fraud against consumers. My firm, by the way, specializes in representing consumers who have purchased “lemon” vehicle or who have been the victims of car dealer fraud.

This short piece is designed to assist you in buying a used car, providing you with the proper tools to protect yourself from being ripped off on your next purchase. PLEASE PRINT THIS ARTICLE OFF AND CARRY IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO OUT TO PURCHASE YOUR NEXT USED CAR. SHOW IT TO THE USED CAR SALES-PERSON IF HE OR SHE BALKS AT PROVIDING YOU WITH ANY OF THE REQUIRED INFORMATION. I just purchased a used car with excellent results, and I am not an expert mechanic; rather, I’m just a shrewd consumer, which is an outgrowth of the fact that I’m a shrewd and effective consumer lawyer. The following tips, if followed, are much more likely to result in a satisfactory used car purchase.


1) Always insist on a warranty. “As-is” can easily be translated into legal jargon as, “You’re stuck, sucker.” Even a 30- or 10-day warranty is better than just “as-is”.

2) Insist that the dealer print on the warranty, in bold letters, “THIS CAR HAS BEEN INSPECTED FOR COLLISION DAMAGE AND COLLISION REPAIRS AND HAS BEEN FOUND TO BE FREE OF COLLISION DAMAGE OR REPAIRS.” This then becomes a part of the warranty.

3) Insist that the dealer prints on the warranty, in bold letters, “THIS CAR HAS NOT BEEN RETURNED TO A DEALER OR MANUFACTURER BECAUSE OF LEMON LAW DEFECTS OR COMPLAINTS.” If the dealer can run a warranty service print-out, insist that they do so and attach it to the warranty itself, with an additional message printed on the warranty: “THE ATTACHED WARRANTY SERVICE HISTORY REPRESENTS THE COMPLETE WARRANTY HISTORY FOR THIS CAR, ACCORDING TO ALL MANUFACTURER’S RECORDS.”

4) You will receive an odometer disclosure statement as part of the vehicle purchase. If there is any inscription on it such as “TMU” (stands for “true miles unknown”), watch out: this car’s odometer has probably been tampered with.

5) Insist upon a test drive of at least 10 miles. Insist on driving the car in varying road conditions: city streets, highway, straight and curvy roads both. Really shrewd consumers arrange to have a friendly professional mechanic, not affiliated with the selling dealership, to accompany them for the ride. Paying a friendly mechanic $ 50.00 to do the test-drive can spare you a lot of heartache later on.

6) Before you buy, have the car inspected by a non-dealer-affiliated professional mechanic. The friendly professional mechanic who accompanied you on the test drive should do just fine for this. Have the car thoroughly looked over, as you will probably be depending on the vehicle, especially for its safety and dependability, for the next several years. Later on, anything beyond routine maintenance expenses will prove galling, so know what you are getting into up front.

7) Do research. You may like the looks of the car, but it pays to check out the vehicle’s service record with Consumer Reports or on the Internet. See the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration site (search under “NHTSA”) for warranty, defect and repair information about any car you are considering buying.

8) Although they are controversial, I recommend buying an extended warranty, particularly if you intend on keeping the vehicle for a long time.

That’s the checklist, which should provide joy rather than grief in most cases. It’s your insurance policy, so print it out and carry it with you when you next make a used-car purchase. Check off each number as you complete that step of the list; then you’ll stand a much better chance of not becoming the victim of a fraud in a used car sale.

I will now explain some issues concerning the documentation normally accompanying a used-car sales transaction, including points to keep your eyes peeled for and some definite red flags that signal you not to buy that car.

All dealerships try to put off the documentation step for the end. Whenever I buy a used car, I insist that the documentation step be done first. In short, after I’ve become interested in a car, I want to see the documentation then and there, before I begin discussing sales terms. All dealers have “dealer jackets” containing all documents for each separate car on the lot. Review these papers first, and only then go for a test-drive and mechanical inspection.

At the time of the sales close, you can expect that the salesperson or a clerk will present you with a stack of fine-print documents which would take a week to read. No one – not even an experienced lawyer – can read all of those documents in a short time. However, you must at least glance at these documents, and keep an eye out for the following pertinent information:

The “Odometer Disclosure Statement”

This is a document required by federal law to accompany all sales of used cars. Read it, and make sure the dealership signs it, for by doing so the dealership is certifying that the actual miles on the car are accurately reflected on the odometer. If the “Odometer Disclosure Statement” has an entry such as “TMU” (which stands for “True Miles Unknown”), or “Actual Miles Unknown”, or any such entry, don’t buy the car! In all likelihood, the vehicle has more miles on it than what is actually showing on the odometer.


The “Buyer’s Guide” is the window sticker on a used car which shows whether the car comes with a warranty. My firm suggestion to all used car buyers: only buy cars with warranties. Do not buy cars “as-is.” The salesperson will frequently tell you that some little old lady only drove the car to and from church, and that dealership knows the service history of the car because that’s where it was serviced, etc., etc.–it’s all a pile of prairie pickles. If you buy a car “as-is”, expect to be ripped off. Expect problems with the car. When a dealership sells a car “as-is, it is telling you clearly that it wants no further responsibility for the vehicle as soon as you drive it off the lot. And if the dealership doesn’t want any responsibility for the car, what does that tell you about the vehicle?

The moral of the story: buy cars with warranties, even if the warranty is for only 30 days. Warranties give you rights in case the car was sold to you fraudulently or it turns out to be a lemon. When you buy a car “as-is”, that may be the end of the line for you as far as pursuing any fraud or lemon-law claim.

The ‘Warranty History”

You have to request this, and you should request it. Many dealerships have access to the warranty history of the cars they sell, and particularly in the case of new car dealerships for the same make of vehicles. For example, if you are buying a used Chevy from an authorized Chevy dealership which services and sells new Chevys, then that dealership has computerized access to the warranty history of the car. This means that you can learn of any repairs done to that vehicle while it was under its original warranty. You can quickly learn if the car was a lemon by its warranty history.

If you don’t understand the “warranty history”, have some knowledgeable explain it to you. Make sure you understand it before you buy the car.

And, insist that the “warranty history” be attached to the warranty itself, with a representation that it represents the complete warranty history for that car. This then gives the consumer additional legal rights if it turns out the vehicle was sold fraudulently or it is a lemon.


If you are given anything called a “Disclosure Notice”, or the like, BEWARE!!! Read over all the documents to ensure that you are not being sold a recycled, or “laundered”, lemon. Anything called a “Disclosure Notice” which discusses the mechanical condition of the car is a red flag to back out of the deal and leave the dealership. You do not want to buy a “laundered lemon” – it will likely cost you more trouble than you ever imagined possible. In short, don’t buy a car if there’s any indication that it’s a “laundered lemon.”

The above, then, are the basic documents you must keep your eyes peeled for. In fact, for your own protection you must demand to see them. The dealership may not have the “warranty history”, but it should have all the others.

Robert F. Brennan, Esq. is a principal with Brennan, Wiener & Associates, an AV-rated law firm in La Crescenta, CA.  His firm specializes in consumer protection litigation, including lemon law, car dealer fraud and consumer class actions.  He can be reached through his website: http://brennanlaw.com

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13 Car Buying Mistakes – How Auto Dealerships rip you off – by Kevin Hunter (TBFS Radio)

http://www.thebusinessforumshow.com/ Need automobile buying guidance? Kevin Hunter hosts “business Forum Show” and it is mcdougal of “Is that the most useful you can do?” on Amazon Kindle. See the brand-new movie on “Getting Pre-Approved on auto loans!” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KSmB3HE90E Kevin Hunter invested hours and hours looking into and compiling the details and information shared on this video. Hopefully you prefer it!

People in vehicle business just who make money from your mistakes by taking advantage of you are going to rant about things we share here and disagree using the content, but try not to be tricked by their particular rhetoric. A dishonest automobile salesperson absolutely really loves an ignorant vehicle consumer. We shall you will need to help you prevent the typical errors, and assist you in sorting the important points from baloney inside business. We profit nothing no matter what you decide to pursue, so we don’t mind if you opt to perhaps not use the information. Should you choose, you will discover yourself walking away with a much better vehicle package. If you don’t, there is no need much room to complain if this things happens.

How do vehicle Dealers rip you down? This video provides 13 various automobile buying blunders that you cannot manage to make whenever vehicle shopping. If you are going to car store and don’t desire to be cheated, it is your decision to know about automobile salesmen and car dealerships, plus the dirty tips they perform to tear folks off. You also need to learn towards cons and inappropriate services and products offered by both brand new and car dealers, and just why several things dealers offer should NEVER be bought. Included in these are things such as the theft security fraud, GAP insurance coverage that’s sold to customers just who either don’t want it, or might have bought much cheaper from their own insurance professional, and extended warranties which can be usually sold to purchasers which did not want them or need all of them. To create things worse, there are tens and thousands of vehicle dealers which use finance officials which are a few of the most unscrupulous men and women you’ll previously fulfill, ready to tell you any lie they can develop to sell you everything I explained, plus. The worst people will claim your interest rate in your loan is just readily available in the event that you buy most of the included products they have been proposing. They claim the ‘bank’ wishes the automobile shielded…. that is BS… Quite the opposite, the lender desires your loan no more than possible so if they have to repossess the automobile, they are able to obtain cash from it.

This movie was posted that will help you discover how you can save time and money on your next brand-new or used car buy by doing your research initially, then going automobile shopping as the best customer.

Will it be unreasonable to expect a little old-fashioned honesty? We don’t think-so, but we’re a lot more than amused by the countless car salespeople or vehicle dealers whom contact us and state that we are making a ‘small issue’ sound far even worse than it is. Additionally they inform us the complete video is completely fabricated baloney. Truly? Have you been kidding united states? We all know there are honest individuals into the car business, therefore we obtain positive reviews from most of them, but it is positively a buyer beware globe from the car great deal!

For several of you car buyers that are well steeped actually, if you watched the video clip “Confessions of a car or truck dealers backroom” you need to see this movie. By comprehending exactly what errors to avoid, you’ll not just become a smarter vehicle buyer, however you will additionally better determine what to not ever inform a motor vehicle dealership when purchasing a motor vehicle. It’s true that you’ll play all your valuable cards in advance with a genuine dealer, regrettably, they represent the minority of dealer owners (really clear and honest dealers form about 40per cent of dealers), and you’re not likely to know the real difference until it’s miles too-late. Be wise, do your homework, and you should come home with a car or truck deal that’s healthy while the dealer. All things considered, that is what equity is focused on. We don’t promote anyone being fooled, which includes some clients who think it’s ‘justice’ to make tables and attempt to ‘steal’ a car from a dealer. Should you choose things like this, that produces you a crook too, does it not? When a car dealership loses money on a deal, they just go from the after that naive individual. We don’t think your neighbor should have to pay for your car, therefore we encourage one to be reasonable and truthful. Every thing we discuss is because of fairness and honesty, and therefore works both means. Respect the dealers directly to earn money within pursuit for a reasonable and truthful vehicle price, showing to them you are a reputable individual too. It is this type of attitude by car dealers and customers alike that’ll change the car business. We desire you the best!

Do not forget to see our brand new video clip “Getting Pre-Approved on Car Loans!” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KSmB3HE90E

Buying a house? Learn how to pick the best home loan rates first

The process of home buying can be tedious to say the least. Combing through the vast information available can be time consuming. Keeping in mind also the consequences of not being thorough in the due process also, one cannot afford to take shortcuts. The results can me calamitous.

Different individuals rate mortgage products in the market separately, one man’s meat being the other’s poison with regards to their preference. To determine the home loan which suits one’s needs, a combination of home loan features need to be considered such as:

Interest Rates, Are they fixed or Variable?

Purpose of the Mortgage

Fee structure

Total income and credit limit etc.

With all this to keep in mind, it might seem that a tedious task lies ahead but, worry not as there exists many mortgage providers to choose from. With this increased competition comes great deals for the customer that adds bigger smiles to their faces. This scenario is seen worldwide including here in Australia. We just have to figure out, what the best deals are.

Finding the best home loans in Australia.

As listed above, the check list of factors will be crucial. And the process of finding the best house purchase deals will involve comparing what’s on offer amongst different mortgage providers. These we shall then compare with our preferences and abilities to finance the mortgage. For instance, individuals seeking a mortgage product for investment will have a divergent opinion with a home owner on what product is best. As preferences will vary between individuals it is most important that you look for lenders that offer a range of specialised as well as prime home loan products that suit individual needs.

Find the best interest rates as well.

This is the first thing all home owners seek to find out and with good reason too. The reason being as it will determine the overall cost of obtaining financing to acquire your house. However even as you consider this a more critical look is needed to find out other related aspects such as how the loan will be amortised. Generally the shorter the amortisation period, the more money saved on interest. Also, a low interest rate does not necessarily mean the loan will be cheap. More often than not, you will find more additional charges with products with lower interest rates. The rate can also be fixed of varied. Finding out the pros and cons of these will help in your quest to find the best product.

Compare and Compare again.

This will quite essentially guarantee you the best deals when you decide to buy a house. So take your time and compare home loan rates offered by different providers. What are the mortgage terms of one mortgage provider? Are they better or worse compared to the next provider? Find out if it’s an open mortgage where you can increase the amount paid in premiums or its closed and you can only pay a fixed premium through the term of the mortgage. Also, compare the customer service. Having a provider that is knowledgeable, prompt and approachable will be highly impact-full in your quest. It will also make the process stress free and maybe even enjoyable.

All the best though, in your research and eventual home buying expedition.

loantech Australia Apply Online or Compare Home Loan Rates with our mobile lenders.