Equifax Workforce Solutions Overview

Get the huge image by leveraging Equifax Workforce Systems’ human being money expertise. Harness your workforce information with effective Workforce Analytics including special benchmarks in hiring, settlement and return. Our extensive solutions address job Verifications, Unemployment Cost control, I-9 control, Onboarding, taxation Credits and Incentives, W-2 Management and Paperless Pay.
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BusinessConnectâ„¢ is a cloud-based customer lifecycle administration application that helps you effectively target, get and handle business-to-business clients. BusinessConnect helps accelerate time for you to income, improve the customer experience and optimize client lifetime worth. BusinessConnect drives efficiencies in advertising and marketing, credit, account management, and selections by combining a Salesforce-native application with exclusive, B2B data possessions from Equifax, providing actionable customer ideas and visibility across all customer-facing functions.