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How Do I Use Points And Miles from a Rewards Credit Card?

Brian Kelly, The Points Guy, answers a reader question about how to choose a credit card, and how to use the miles and points earned. Pack your bags: In TPGtv, travel expert and founder of Brian Kelly showcases the extraordinary experiences made possible by maximizing frequent flyer miles and credit card points. The web-series follows Kelly as he journeys to far-reaching destinations around the globe traveling in style for a fraction of the cost. The first season of ten episodes sees Kelly take a once in a lifetime odyssey around Africa. Traveling from Ghana and Rwanda to South Africa and Doha, he discovers remarkable people and uncommon travel experiences while taking viewers inside the luxury hotel and resort accommodations that his points and mileage strategies secure.

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Review: Best Cash Back Credit Cards! Zero Financial, Barclay Arrival, Capital One Venture.

Here’s a review of the best cash back credit cards including the new 3% Cash Back Zero Financial, Barclay Arrival+, Citi Quicksilver, Capital One Venture and Double Cash cards. Read the full post here:

To get on the waitlist for the new 3% Cash Back Zero financial card visit:

If you’re not earning 2% cash back and at least ,000 a year in cash back, you’re missing out!
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Convert Credit Card Reward Points into Real Cash

If you frequently do online as well as offline (by swiping and by using EMV CHIP technology) transactions using your VISA/MasterCard credit card, then your bank may credit certain reward points into your credit card account for most of those transactions.

Above video shows how to convert all your accumulated reward points into real cash.

I am currently using MONEY BACK Credit Card of HDFC Bank. This particular card allows me to convert my reward points into real cash online.

If you’d like to convert all your accumulated reward points into real cash then you should contact your bank and ask them to give you that particular credit card which can be used for points to cash redemption.

However keep in mind that your current credit card may have some other benefit like it may give you more Air miles if you travel in airlines frequently OR it may give you 2X/3X reward points for certain type of transactions – Every card’s feature is different and you should opt for a card which suits you.

Note: The converted cash amount will be credited into your credit card account only and will reflect in your next statement. Don’t expect this amount to be credited in your savings bank account. In case of any issues or queries you should contact your bank’s credit card customer care department.
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Nerd’s Favorite Credit Card: The BankAmericard Cash Rewards™

Nerd's Favorite Credit Card: The BankAmericard money Rewards™

NerdWallet’s bank card specialist, Sean McQuay, shows united states why the Nerds love the BankAmericard money Rewards card.

There’s undoubtedly about any of it: The BankAmericard Cash incentives™ charge card is a competitor if you’re interested in extra incentives on fuel and supermarket investing. Here are some of the crucial functions:

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I’ve optimized my money back benefits in great amounts so let me explain to you what I do to get the maximum benefit cash back from a variety of cards. This can be an update from past movies as cash return charge card scene alterations in characteristics everyday. This implies i have to update the strategy from time to time.

Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Sears Petrol Groceries Rest 10per cent
SallieMae Petrol Groceries 5percent Until 3/1/2017
USBank Cash+ Dept & junk food 5percent, Rest 2% Dept & take out 5per cent, sleep 2percent
Freedom Dept Stores/Wholesale Clubs/Drugstores 5percent Gas/Local Commuter(no Park/Tolls/Amtrak) 5% Grocery Stores (no Walmart Target) 5percent coming coming
Find It Amazon/Dept Stores/Sam’s Club 5% Gas/Ground Transport/Wholesale Clubs 5per cent coming coming coming
CitiDouble 2percent
Ink Rest/Gas/Office Supply/Hardware Store/Home Imprv 3per cent
Citi TY Premier Gas/Travel/Hotel/Car Leasing 3% Dinner Entertainment 2% Other People 1percent
Amex Blue Money Everyday Groceries 3%, Petrol 2percent, All 1percent
———————- CHEAT SHEET END .

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The Best Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

< object kind =" application/x-shockwave-flash" style =" size:425 px; height:355 px; "information ="// ">< param name =" film" worth="//"/ > Feb. 19– Brian Kelly, owner of, speaks with Betty Liu regarding exactly how customers can make the most from bank card incentives and also which cards offer the best offers. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

How To Apply for a Rewards Credit Card Online

Do you remember the time when you mother received a pen and a ‘thank you’ note from a credit card issuer, for being a loyal customer? Gone are the days of simply and straightforward credit cards. Plain vanilla cards are a thing of the ancient past. The latest buzz word on the credit card scene is a ‘rewards credit card’. Of course, having the Internet as a resource means you can find what suits you best very quickly. So if you know how to apply for a such a card online you will certainly get rewarded, and rewarded in style.

When you apply for a rewards credit card online, don’t be surprised by promises of cash back, gift certificates from your favorite store, discounted air travel, holidays and so on. Today, such cards are very popular and issuers are ready to promise the earth to ensure loyalty. If you do a little bit of research before you apply for such a card, you may even receive hard cash as a reward. Certainly, look for gifts and discounts from the card providers themselves, as well as third party incentives.

There are so many different types of credit card around today. The competition is bound to get more fierce and edgy. Issuers believe that rewards guarantee loyalty, and the winner in this situation is always the consumer. If you apply for a rewards credit card online you can see exactly what they can offer you.

Before you apply for a rewards credit card, you should explore the options available to you. With the sheer number of cards on the market, there is bound to be some confusion. Sort through all the direct mailers and solicitations and make an informed decision. Broadly there are three types of rewards programs. These are the point based program, the cash-back program and the frequent flier program.

The point based program allows you to accumulate points on certain purchases you make. You can then flip through a catalogue created by the issuer, and choose your own rewards. If you are interested in choice, then apply for a rewards credit card online from a company like the American Express which offers this type of rewards program. The disadvantage of this program is that the items listed in the catalogue may be a bit overpriced.

Cash back programs work best for people who are not big spenders. You get a certain percentage of cash back on items that you buy with your credit card. Sometimes, there may be a limit on the total amount you can receive as cash back. Also, with certain cards, you may have to charge a certain amount of money to your card before you get the rebate.

Finally, the frequent flier programs offer you free tickets with airlines that are tied up with issuers. You have to spend a certain amount of money and charge it to your card before you qualify for the free ticket. You may apply for several frequent flier programs only if you plan on undertaking several international flights. How to apply for a rewards credit card online is easy: you just look at what is on offer and use the simple application form.

Gordon Goodfellow’s site shows you how to apply for a rewards credit card online in addition to offering 0 APR cards which remain interest-free for years. His associate site offers credit card balance transfers in the UK.

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What exactly is wrong with using charge cards when we pay them off?
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Getting The Best Rewards Credit Card

Great deals on credit cards are available now at your nearest credit card dealer – or in your mailbox. The time for getting a really useful card can now be obtained. Because of competition, the credit card companies have now decided to give something back in exchange for your payments – on a rewards credit card, and the incentives can be rather attractive. Just about anything goes – from cash back, air miles, or office equipment for your business. Let’s take a quick look to see what are some of the possibilities, and a couple of tips on how to choose the very best rewards credit card for you.

Rewards credit cards are offered by just about every credit card company now – simply because they see that it really draws people to their deals. The benefits now, in a day when the prices at the gas pump are really being felt, can be especially appealing. The rewards are usually based on two things: when you make your first purchase, and depending on the amount of purchases made within a specified period of time.

What Are Some Possible Rewards For Signing Up?

Some are saying that the amounts and types of rewards is only going to get better. The primary reason – the competition between credit card companies is pretty stiff right now, so it may actually be a little tough to decide which one is the best rewards credit card for you. Various offers today include:

· Cash Back

Some cards may offer as much as 5% back on your purchases. This may go up in the near future. This percentage rate may be limited to purchases for food, medicines, and gas. Another rewards card that gives cash back is for the professional. One card gives around 3% for purchases made on restaurants, gas, office supplies, and car rentals.

· Air Miles

Airline travel cards can give rewards up to 20,000 air miles on your first purchase. Great for those who use the airline industry frequently.

· Points

Some of your better cards might give you up to 10,000 points on your first purchase. This is equivalent to a check for $ 100.00. Conditions apply.

· Hotel Points

On sign-up, some cards may give you a free night at a hotel, and then points toward free stays are earned by whatever you purchase through your card. A great feature for someone who travels a lot and stays in better hotels frequently.

· Students Rewards

A number of rewards credit cards are available for students. Rewards are given in the way of either cash back, or points on most cards, and comes from purchases made on food, medicines, and gas.

· New Car Reward

One card will allow you to put your points toward the purchase of a new or used car. Might be just the card you need if you use your vehicle for business.

· Business

Some business rewards credit cards will give office equipment as a reward for your business purchases. Could be a great way to help defray office expenses.

What Are Some Other Things To Look For?

Be sure to check the standard features of the card, before you sign on the dotted line. Remember that rewards offers are simply incentives to get you to get their card. Be sure to look at the following standard features of the card, and not just the highlights. Don’t forget that it is often the details that might take away some of the same benefits, and make them actually less than what they first seem to be. Here are a couple of things to look at when getting that best rewards credit card.

· The interest rate of the card
· The conditions under which you can receive the benefits
· The time that the benefits are available (Do they have to be redeemed within 60 days?, etc.)
· Type of credit rating you need
· Balance transfer options
· Length of time for introductory offer
· Annual fee

Finally, when choosing your best rewards credit cards, be sure that you compare the benefits of one with other similar cards. One may be miles ahead of the other, which could mean many more benefits for you.

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Understanding the Rewards Credit Card

Today, you will see all types of rewards credit card offers, which at one time were only for the loyal customers of a credit card company. They would offer rewards to customers that used their credit card frequently, paid off their balance, and never had late payments. Today, there are many different types of rewards credit cards, offered up by many of the major credit card companies who are all fighting for your business. Since there are so many credit card companies, they have to come up with some type of gimmick to get you to look at what they have to offer.

Credit card rewards can be a great deal for any consumer who enjoys receiving prizes, cash back, or even trips with points they accumulate by using their credit card. However, if you do not redeem your points they can expire.

The different types of reward credit cards are air miles, cash back, prizes, or a new one on the market known as experience rewards.

An air miles card (sometimes referred to as an airline rewards credit card) allows you to air mile points for every dollar or two dollars that you spend with your rewards credit card. These air miles can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and car rentals. If you are a frequent flyer, then this type of rewards credit card could give you a wonderful vacation for your entire family. You can also find this type of card with your favorite airline or many of the major credit card issuers. Just be careful to pay attention to the expiration of your points, the destinations the airlines allow you to travel to as well as the various airlines that you can redeem your earned miles on.

The cash back rewards credit card normally gives a percentage back on what you spend at certain stores. This can be awarded either monthly or yearly and usually does not have an expiration date.

The Experience rewards credit card allows you to choose the reward you would like. All you have to do is talk with the concierge and let them know what reward you would like and then they can let you know how many points you will need to be able to obtain that reward.

The problem with every rewards credit card is that they normally have higher interest rates as well as higher annual fees or membership fees than a regular credit card would have. You must be sure that the rewards credit card you choose will really be beneficial to you. If you only fly once or twice a year then a rewards credit card that awards airline tickets, etc… should not be your first choice. By the time, you have accumulated enough points for that trip; your points will have already expired. The same goes for all types of reward credit cards; learn what you can earn and if you will be able to redeem those awards before the expiration date. Then you will really be able to benefit substantially.

For more on various rewards credit card offers, Robert Alan recommends that you visit

Could A Rewards Credit Card Help Your Business?

If you are a tiny or expanding company, having access to credit history in order to help with your money flow could sometimes be the key to your company’s success. Whilst you could not want to pay high rate of interest charges on credit, having the capacity to make use of a credit history card to manage your company’s expense could be very helpful.

And also now, in addition, you could enroll in a calling card that not only supplies the capacity to manage your day-to-day finances, but likewise earns you bank card rewards.

< br/ > Just what is an organisation benefits bank card? An organisation incentives charge card provides all the convenience and also versatility of a conventional bank card but is likewise connected to a bank card benefits program. As an example, your service may require a charge card that can be used to make acquisitions and pay costs to aid the company grow. Currently, along with these advantages, you could additionally capitalize on a broad variety of free of charge benefits, simply for utilizing your card.

Many credit rating card companies and also monetary institutions use business rewards bank card to business from start-ups to well-known companies.

Just how an organisation incentives charge card could assist you< br/ > Organisation rewards bank card supply an easy method for your organisation to manage your daily funds. They also aid you take care of traveling, office materials and other costs associated with running a company.

< br/ > You could also commonly add a variety of extra cardholders to your firm’s service incentives card account. This indicates that fellow directors of business or any person who uses an expenses account can be connected to your business bank card benefits program.

Each time any one of the connected cardholders utilize the card for acquisitions, you will certainly be granted factors based upon the amount you spend. You normally gain between one and 2 incentive factors for every single dollar you spend on the card.

Economic administration Businesses frequently make use of credit rating cards in order to track the costs of the firm. This is simple with an incentives charge card as routine statements mean you could track settlements as well as reconcile your expense. Paying a routine monthly repayment is easy to take care of economically by requesting as well as utilizing an organisation benefits bank card.

Wide selection of incentives With various cardholders all utilizing your company incentives card to build up points, you will marvel exactly how swiftly you accumulate a huge quantity of charge card benefits. You after that have an option of a broad range of benefits for which you could trade your points. These rewards generally include:

1. Residential and worldwide trips

2. Present cards and purchasing coupons for whatever from Accor resorts to David Jones

3. Experiences (such as day spa days, amusement park passes or adrenaline experiences such as rally card driving)

4. Electric goods such as kitchen area ware, cameras as well as audio tools

5. Food and also wine< br/ > Could your business benefit from a bank card incentives program?

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