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How Much Will It Cost To Refinance My Mortgage with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage As with most purchase loan transactions there are typically costs involved with refinancing your mortgage. The exact amount will depend on factors such as interest rate or APR, value of the home, your current mortgage balance, and other items. There may be some no-cost or low-cost refinance loan options available to you in which some or all of the fees and closing costs are waived. However, preparing ahead of time for the costs will ensure that you can handle the fees that are associated with refinancing your loan. Let’s go over 9 fees that you could be charged.
Application Fee: This is the fee charged by the lender to process the loan application.
An Appraisal Fee determines the current value of your home.
Credit Report: You will likely have to pay for your credit report to be pulled.
Title Search and Title Insurance: You may be able to get your current title company to reissue a new policy and save some money in this area.
A Survey: Your lender may order a property survey to document the current status of the land your house is on.
Loan Origination Fee: This is charged by the lender to underwrite the loan, usually expressed in the form of points.
Discount Points: In general terms, one point is equal to one percent of the loan amount. You may want to pay discount points to secure a lower interest rate.
Prepayment Penalty: If your existing mortgage carries a prepayment penalty clause, you will have to pay a percentage of the outstanding loan amount for paying the loan off early.
And finally … Miscellaneous Fees. VA and FHA loans may have other fees associated with them. Private mortgage Insurance also known as PMI, document preparation fees, notary fees and tax service fees may also fall under this category.
Just as you encountered with your original loan, your lender will be required to provide you with a Truth-in-Lending Statement that outlines the fees associated with your new mortgage loan. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is here to help you with your refinancing needs that will best suit your financial situation. For AmeriFirst Home Mortgage I’m Crystal Smith. Welcome Home.
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Is it a good idea to refinance a mortgage to get rid of mortgage insurance?

Best Way to Refinance Your Mortgage

You new mortgage should be as least 0.5% lower than your current rate in order to make it worth it. Find out if there is a benefit to refinancing your mortgage.

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MORTGAGE REFINANCE – Refinance Your Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit

Often when you hear about mortgage refinancing with bad credit it is to reduce the interest rate that you’re paying and save you some money.

There are many situations in which refinancing in the middle of the mortgage loan term will make sense, perhaps it is to get a better rate, consolidate high rate debt, or take some of the equity out of the home to complete renovations or other life expenses.

There are other situations in which Refinancing a Mortgage Loan with Bad Credit becomes necessary, such as if you are facing a foreclosure or power of sale situation or perhaps you have been laid off, or your spouse has had an illness and has not been able to work.

Maybe you’re going through a divorce and are really struggling to make the payments on your own, but you haven’t found a buyer at the right price.

Refinancing your mortgage could potentially save you from losing your house as well as keep your credit rating from being damaged.

In this case, you can set up your mortgage refinance with a new mortgage lender to payout your current mortgage, consolidate your debts, and take out some extra money from the equity to cover mortgage payments for a period of time.

How would this work?

First your mortgage broker should try to get you approved with an institutional lender which will be your best option to get the most competitive rate, if you don’t qualify for an institutional mortgage loan then you may want to consider refinancing with a private mortgage lender.

Private mortgage lending companies and individuals specialize in funding mortgages that represent a higher degree of risk than people with good credit scores.



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Costly Mistake Homeowners Make when they Refinance their Mortgage

Massachusetts Homeowners. Are you making this refi mistake? You’re not alone. Most do. The answer may surprise you and its easy to correct.
Matt Silverman, Massachusetts licensed loan originator, NMLS 11251
Go to the website for an expanded version of this video including “the dirty little secret you lender doesn’t tell you about the rate quote you just got”.
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Mortgage Refinance Formula

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Cash Out Refinance|Mortgage Mondays #60

” worth =”//″/ > How much time does it require to gain back your closing prices? It relies on the taxes. Video clip Score:/ 5< item kind =" application/x-shockwave-flash" design =" width:425 px; elevation:355 px;" data ="//" > < img alt =" Squander Refinance|Mortgage Mondays # 60 "src =""/ > 916-529-7600 Matt, the Home loan
Man -Home loan Mondays, episode 60. Where I’m chatting,” squander re-finance “. Whole lot of people are making the most of extremely reduced rates of interest and increasing residence worths to do pay out refinances. They’re doing it for a variety of reasons. Some are obtaining money for investment objectives and others are securing money to pay of customer debt, purchase a vehicle, fund their kids university education and learning … Whatever it is, if you’re planning to do a cash out refinance with 55- or 56 straight months of admiration, you would certainly be amazed to discover what you’re house deserves, if you really haven’t checked or actually have not been focusing just what the marketplaces been doing.

Worths have actually been increasing, rates are astonishingly reduced. It’s a great chance if you do have equity and also are wanting to do a “squander refinance”, happy to answer any inquiries you might have.

A pair of the basics: main home, you do a “money out refinance”, you have the ability to go up to 80% “loan-to-value”. What that indicates is, if you’re residence deserves 0 000 and we will do an appraisal, you’re able to take a lending as much as 0 000, which is 80% of the worth. So If you owe 5 000, you’re mosting likely to be able to accessibility regarding 000 for the capital.

So 80% loan-to-value primary home, if it’s an investment residential or commercial property, you’re able to rise to 75%. So in that exact same circumstance, you would certainly have the ability to do a lending amount of up to 5 000 on a house that’s been assessed at 0 000.

Any kind of inquiries whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Matt, the Mortgage Person – Mortgage Mondays, episode 60. Back to function.

This episode I speak about money out re-finance. With worths gradually raising lots of people have a lot more equity in thier homes than they recognize. A money out refinance is a great tool for those that are seeking to cleanse up various other customer financial debt or access the funding in thier homes for financial investment objectives. #CashOutRefinance #PayOffCreditCards #Investment #SacramentoRealEstate #SAR #CAR #NAR #SacramentoRealEstate #SAR #CAR #NAR #SacramentoMortgage #DirectLender #SacramentoLoans #MortgageMondays #MattTheMortgageGuy #SacramentoLender Video clip Score:/ 5

Adjustable to Fixed Rate Refinance Mortgage Loan

Are you one of those people who love to take another mortgage other than the ones you have already had? Or are you planning to take one yourself for the first time? Well before you do so, it seems that you have made your own little research to find the ones that suit you the best.

Why get a refinance mortgage loan?

By this time you surely know that you’re up to take a refinance mortgage loan. It is a thing that in a simple definition means that you’re in to take a new mortgage loan to pay off the original loan that you already have, usually for home property. Why do people take a refinance mortgage loan anyway? Well, most people generally take the advantages of the falling or the rising interest rate. By doing this, they could reduce their mortgage expense if rate is falling or even shift to a fixed rate loan from their previous adjustable one if the rate is uprising. To add up your collected information, here are some more info on switching from an adjustable to a fixed rate refinance mortgage loan when the interest rate is rising.

Switching from adjustable to fixed rate loans

When you first laid your hands on your current house, maybe you planned to move from it in a couple of close years. You probably had chosen an adjustable rate for your refinance mortgage loan, also because you’re up to risks and believe you’ll take benefits from it. From its name you can see that this kind of loan rate is adjustable according to the range of time you pay off your loan. Refinance mortgage loan gives you alternative monthly payments or cash flow and let you choose yourself to pay at a 30 year level, 15 year level, interest only level, or even a minimum payment level. In the first until third year, the interest rate could hang low under the ongoing rate. But after a few years, the particular refinance mortgage loan rate changes variably and could be risky, since you have to pay according to the changing index fixed by the indices. When you’ve found yourself stuck in the uprising rate, lose, and could take no more benefit from it, you finally choose to take a refinance mortgage loan.

By doing this, you take another refinance mortgage loan that has a more fixed rate and could take advantages from it. When you’ve chosen to refinance your mortgage, you basically pay off your previous loan, and prepay a new one all over again. Just like the adjustable rate ones, with this fixed rate loan you can prepay a principal without penalty. The bigger you pay up front, the less you have to pay for the total cost of your loan. With refinance mortgage loan, you could pay back with an interest rate that remains the same throughout the loan term. You will even have cash flow just like the adjustable ones, but remain fixed up for the next 30 years.

Double Check before you refinance

From the comparison above, you’ll surely feel that the fixed one is more secure and reliable and that’s why you’re seeking for a refinance mortgage loan in the first place. But don’t forget to check again, because after this you really have to do the counting. You really have to figure out the difference between your previous loan and the new one you’re going to take. Try to add it all up and see the difference. You also ought to find out the number of months you’ll have to pay on your new loan before it breaks even. You can do this by dividing the difference you have counted into the total fees. So for example your loan fees are $ 5000, and the difference (your monthly savings) are $ 100 each month, then you’ll need about 50 months to break even your refinance mortgage loan. This could be even longer than paying back your loans without having to take a refinance mortgage loan! So check again before you decide to take a refinance mortgage loan, whether it will really make a difference and gain any financial benefit, and don not rush to take a refinance mortgage loan every time you hear the interest rate falls.

To learn much more about refinance mortgage loan and debt consolidation loan, please visit, where you will find these and much more.

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A Warning About Mortgage Renewal & Refinancing

< item kind =" application/x-shockwave-flash" style =" size:425 px; height:355 px;" information ="//" >< param name =" film" worth ="//"/ > Hi, everybody. How are you? It’s Leah Coss with The Home loan Centre, as well as I wished to discuss renewal and refinancing. You could not know this, however when it concerns, actually, renewal or refinancing, pardon me for the language, yet you’re getting screwed, truly, 100 percent of the time on whatever rate you’re offered by the present lender that you’re getting your mortgage from. It is definitely crucial, it is vital, that you do not leave your home loan revival to the last min, due to the fact that you need time to be able to appropriately get banks and also loan providers to complete for your rate.
In my viewpoint, it’s actually a lot more important to have a home mortgage broker benefiting you after renewal than it is when you initially buy the house. Reason being is banks are still mosting likely to aim to be rather affordable if you’re a brand-new property owner. They’re going to go, “Oh, they’re acquiring a brand-new residence. We intend to keep their business for the size of the moment that they reside in that residence. We would certainly better be a little affordable.”.
However there’s still constantly mosting likely to be that settlement war of going, “Well, just how reduced do you assume we need to go prior to they consent to it?” That’s really the mentality of your banks. That’s why, by mosting likely to a home loan broker, they’re dealing not only with the banks, who could offer great rates at times, yet they’re dealing with every one of the non banks also. As well as examine out other blog posts on the distinction in between financial institutions and also non banks, since it’s crucial that you recognize exactly what these non banks are. They’re tolerable. Actually, they’re great, due to the fact that they maintain the competitors level high, which keeps prices lower for you.
Yet being a home mortgage broker, we have high quantities. As a result we obtain a lot more reduced rates than you do. And also, we have all the lending institutions contending for your rate, making sure that you truly do obtain the most affordable price based on the items that you’re going to need, based upon your circumstance.
Yet, upon renewal, the amount of you available have gotten to renewal and gone, “Oh, jeez, I’ve got to restore in like two weeks”? Or the banks call you as well as they go, “Hey, we could take care of your revival for you. Just how’s concerning you just authorize these 2 notepads, and also you’re done. You never need to think of it once more.” Therefore you proceed as well as do that. The amount of you really believe that the financial institutions, understanding that this is the way of thinking around, are mosting likely to offer you an excellent price?
Currently, they will certainly always tell you that they’re mosting likely to give you a discounted price, as well as that’s due to the fact that they are. It’s because nobody offers uploaded prices. Posted rates are simply these standards to measure things by. But the discounted price that they offer you is by much not their ideal price. And also they will certainly never provide you their best rate unless they feel like they’re in a competitive placement, where another person is actually trying your home mortgage.
Using a home mortgage broker, upon revival, to begin with, if you have a mortgage broker already, after that they need to be a great home loan broker, which implies they’re contacting you six months of your time of revival to earn sure that you’re getting the procedure started. However bare minimum, you require regarding 3 months to be able to appropriately do a revival. And if it indicates we’re mosting likely to be switching you to another lender, great. If not, as well as we’re renewing, well, after that at the very least we’ve obtained to obtain those prices bidded down with your present loan provider. So yeah, just desired to allow you know that.
In my point of view, there’s actually only 2 loan providers available, non banks, who I would certainly depend have restore your home mortgage, because I would certainly trust that they are, as a matter of fact, mosting likely to offer you their ideal rate. Every person else, sorry individuals, you could write me letters if you want later on, however you never ever, ever before provide the finest prices after revival. So, if you think that you do, I ‘d love to see evidence of that, yet you simply do not. So for you, the client, you really require to recognize that renewal, it’s 1,000 times more vital to locate a broker who could help you to make sure that you get the most effective rate for the next 5 years of your home loan.
So if you have any kind of inquiries, or if you are showing up for renewal, please, please, please, please, please offer me a telephone call. I would certainly love to aid you out. I have no fee. You don’t owe me anything. I do this done in your finest rate of interest. The banks pay me, so you don’t need to stress regarding it costing you a point. And also I do all the footwork for you. I even function weekend breaks, when the financial institutions are closed, to make it much easier for you if you work 9 to 5.
So, Leah Coss with The Home mortgage Centre. Excellent good luck on your revival. Do not forget to provide me a telephone call, as well as I will certainly talk with you extremely quickly.

5 Simple Steps: How To Get The Best Refinance Rates on Your Home Mortgage in 2016

For free assistance visit:

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to getting the best rate on refinancing you mortgage and how to get the best mortgage rate. This is applicable for 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 10 year fixed and no closing cost refinance rates.

It’s simpler than you think! There are just a few key steps that you for sure don’t wan’t to miss.

It basically all comes down to preparation, planning, and time.

For assistance in getting the best rates on refinancing your home mortgage, visit
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You want to make the most of your money. So how do you know when to refinance your mortgage? Find out from Mike Henry, Vice President of
Dollar Bank Residential Lending.


Hi, this is Robert Mangino with Mike Henry, Vice President of Dollar Bank Residential Lending. And we’re here to talk about refinancing. Mike, when should someone consider refinancing their mortgage?

Well, people will often ask me, “Is there a rule of thumb as far as an interest rate drop that would make it worth looking at refinancing?” We typically say 1 to 1.5% is when you should take a look at it. You have to look at the total cost, how long it will take to recoup those costs and how long you actually plan on staying in the house.

When should someone consider a no closing costs mortgage, even if the interest rate’s higher?

Well, again it would go to how long do you plan on being in that house? Because with no costs, you could still take advantage of a lower rate. For example, we have 10 and 15 year home equity products which have little to no closing costs which can be a great benefit if it’s going to be a short-term situation, if the interest rates if you anticipate they’re going to drop further, you don’t have to keep paying the closing costs. Typically on a lower loan amount it works well, too, than paying all the costs that are fixed with a traditional mortgage.

When is refinancing with an adjustable rate mortgage more beneficial?

Well, we would look at, if you plan on staying in the house a short amount of time, there really isn’t a reason to pay a 30 year fixed rate when you can get a discounted rate for three to five years. If you were using a three or five year adjustable rate loan where the rate is fixed for those periods of time. So if you have a five year ARM, the rate is fixed for five years, even though the loan is advertised for 30. So if you’re going to be in there less than five years, there’d be no reason to pay the higher rate.

Thank you, Mike. For more information, contact a Dollar Bank mortgage expert at 1-800-344-LOAN or visit


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Mortgage Refinancing – Refinance Your Home Loan

Mortgage Refinancing – Refinance Your Home Loan Mortgage Refinancing – Refinance Your Home Loan
In this installment of the White House White Board, explains how President Obama’s plan would make it much easier for millions of American homeowners to refinance their mortgage and save hundreds of dollars every month.

Apr 18, 2012
Refinance your mortgage with Wells Fargo. Get a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment, or convert to a fixed rate loan.

Refinancing Your Home Loan
home refinancing obama plan
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